2 May

Some where realised had been blogging for two years now, apologies have not been regular as much as wish to lately, have not yet found balance in life. The elixir of youth is still away 🙂 Some thoughts…

–  Have a feeling children’s success are beacuse of parent’s blessings, have no theory to substantiate same, just feel if you are a good person, somehow your children will  come out stellar. I think it’s a heartening thought and like it and want to stay with it.

–  Nepal’s tragedy is heart breaking, there is no reason why some of us are safe and other’s in such peril. There is no reason why some one is alive or some one is no more. There is no reason. We must be grateful and send a silent prayer. The world is a unanswered mystery.

– There is no difference between a girl child and male child. I work with brightest interns from India’s best management institutions. There is no difference between a girl and a boy child. While understand the reasons for a gender debate. Frankly its existence defeats me because girls are equal to boys in every way..

– I have a feeling our qualities are first for ourselves and then the world. We must strive for excellence just for ourselves. We must become the person we want to be. I think that would be cool. If you like a bowler hat, wear one.

– In difficult moments, you need few friends, people who are positive and who celebrate your small victories, they mean a lot and create a ripple effect, my friends always did that for me. I have few friends. Iam grateful to them. By the way being friendly and friends are two different things. All sales guys are friendly but they are not friends.

– Always crystalize a person by deeds and not by words so you will never be fooled.

– Love is strange and complex, if it makes you very happy for no reason, like a dog, then it must be love..

– Sometimes the best people have hardest lives but then nobody stops you being cheerful..

– Every person we met was right for us at the time. Every job we did was right for us at the time. The job we do now is the right one for us, how else would it be ? every where we were at right place, that’s why we progress and learn..

– There is always hope and there is always a reason to smile.

This is dedicated to parents and teachers, they are the best role models. We needlessly look up to politicians and entreprenuers, which politician and entreprenuer has changed your life? Well they have changed their lives..

Good bye friends ! Am all for business and good politics, but am more for direct contribution 🙂

The good boy who is interning with us says ” we cannot be reading random stuff ” So does the bright girl ” We can’t be reading, we need  work .” So random stuff today 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Love, Suresh


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