Saturdays something to look forward..

18 Apr


Saturdays look forward to some favorite pastimes biking and spending time in the stadium. I cannot visit temple for another week as someone in the  family as left for heavenly abode. So went for a bike ride around 7 am and my route is pretty much set. I had a moment of horror on one of the narrow bridges. A big car came racing towards me, me just stood on my bike ( cycle) helplessly, the driver realised his mistake and smiled and waved at me. I waved him back. Thank fully the rich have heart and dignity. I enjoy simple pleasures of life very much Bike ride, running in stadium, playing football, playing badminton, reading a book. My love life is non existent. Sundays my mother keeps me busy. Week days have work and after that can only lie on bed flat like Donald Duck or listen to a song or look around curiously like a Calvin & Hobbes character.

Yes have written down in my notebook , ten situations and experiences which include people who make me happy unconditionally : my teacher, my class mate, my best ever executive, my late father, my cousin, Amazon ( best assignment), my long lost doctor friend, my few freinds and well wishers, my manager and my two uncles. I like them unconditionally and remember them in my week days. Even though end up as Donald Duck. That is because of driving. Ola Cabs you are welcome to hire me.

Saturdays make me happy, am back to my normal self, carefree and happy , No am no lout 🙂

My mother has given me a new assignment on Saturdays too, never mind..

Have a lovely day dear friends!

Love, suresh


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