Happy memories

11 Apr

Teachers : Leonard Cohen

I met a woman long ago
her hair the black that black can go,
Are you a teacher of the heart?
Soft she answered no.

I met a girl across the sea,
her hair the gold that gold can be,
Are you a teacher of the heart?
Yes, but not for thee.

I met a man who lost his mind
in some lost place I had to find,
follow me the wise man said,
but he walked behind.

I walked into a hospital
where none was sick and none was well,
when at night the nurses left
I could not walk at all.

Morning came and then came noon,
dinner time a scalpel blade
lay beside my silver spoon.

Some girls wander by mistake
into the mess that scalpels make.
Are you the teachers of my heart?
We teach old hearts to break.

One morning I woke up alone,
the hospital and the nurses gone.
Have I carved enough my Lord?
Child, you are a bone.

I ate and ate and ate,
no I did not miss a plate, well
How much do these suppers cost?
We’ll take it out in hate.

I spent my hatred everyplace,
on every work on every face,
someone gave me wishes
and I wished for an embrace.

Several girls embraced me, then
I was embraced by men,
Is my passion perfect?
No, do it once again.

I was handsome I was strong,
I knew the words of every song.
Did my singing please you?
No, the words you sang were wrong.

Who is it whom I address,
who takes down what I confess?
Are you the teachers of my heart?
We teach old hearts to rest.

Oh teachers are my lessons done?
I cannot do another one.
They laughed and laughed and said, Well child,
are your lessons done?
are your lessons done?
are your lessons done?

– Leonard Cohen, Teachers, Songs of Leonard Cohen 1967

I have some  happy memories. They make me happy for no reason. Some people whom love unconditionally for no reason. They make very happy for no reason. My father, My teacher, long lost friend, my cousin brother, my work and my school. Perhaps my greatest ambition was to be a student. I had no other longing or ambition. I am doing my  bit with three management interns from IIM -A  and IIM-C. Iam  delighted. So a picture from my school, school mate had posted it on social media..


This is a school pictue. That is my dear teacher in between. I love all teachers and my class teacher in this picture is the most beloved teacher of my life. I studied in this school for only two years. But the teacher is the most beloved teacher of all time. My class mate had told me meeting our teachers again would be heaven. I couldn’t agree more. Where did my class mate vanish ? For my class mate is beloved memory too. Did she get lost in debris of motivated feedback? Who has met me? Never mind. This is 1984 and look like hell, fourth from back row, counted from right. Never mind. I  miss my dear departed friend Milind, extreme left last row. Life comes with no guarantees. I miss him. He had cried one day for me. I miss him.

This is a happy memory,  my beloved teacher, my class mates, all whom loved, still do..

profile picture

This is a happy memory with my cousin. Iam inspired by him as always. I always looked upto young and loved the old. Strangely, may be my biggest longing was to be a student. My cousin is one of the finest students have met in my life. He has a heart of gold. I think my professional goals are okay, hope to achieve my longing of being student…

I have other happy memories in work, people whom am inspired by, my caring two friends who have been incredibly generous and kind and my dear father.

As for those who say, and say, and say, can I know what and who ?

Forget the naysayers, this is my most happy memories, 1984 School, my teacher and my recent trip with my cousin..

Thank god for small mercies, have memories to plug for happiness, incredible happiness..:)

Stay happy and may your heart have seeds of love as the great Khalil Gibran wrote in a poem, always..

Love, Suresh

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