A city and broken connect

4 Apr

I haven’t been regular on blog. I have been away. Sometimes working and sometimes plain exhausted. My friends mom had reminded me ” work is most important thing for us.” I want to marry work, health, good relationships and blog. The maddening ambition sometimes give me a sick taste. It is my destiny and must do my best.  Here is some thing to chew on ” You don’t get what you want. You get what you deserve. You get what you are.”

Anyways visited the neighbourhood city. Mumbai for some work. I will update something as fructifies. It is the dream city of my childhood. It has feel of Newyork. It has some good European archietecture. It is vain. It is pompous. It is self congragulatory. It is sexy. It is ugly. It never stops to live. I had a great love for the city. I now feel a strange disconnect. I just stay in hotels or hostels. I walk the suburban street. I miss the people. I miss the heart beat. There is no one to bother about my solemn existence. Every one is a identity. Every one has an idea. No wonder politicians know how to polarize. What am I saying? I have no interest in politics or an idea of the time?

Some pictures


So  had some free time in morning and wandered around, saw every one seems to talk to some one on the phone all the time, whom do you speak at 10.30 am ? The pick up artist spinning a story, the driver also seems to get calls, my phone is functional, my boss or my mother calls me, never mind and prefer walking the streets, where the streets have no name..


I finish my work in the city. I speak to no one. I spend time in hotel working on Laptop. I take a walk in evening in dirtbag of a prosperous city. I eat peanuts from a lady vendor. She is more honest than anyone met recently. She gives me two fills for rupees ten. I see joints blaring burgers and chinese food. I had just eaten Sushi a day before. I realised no wonder Japanese are these little warriors. Please discount my food observations. I only seem to like peanuts and banana’s , guess that makes a monkey 🙂

I take a picture on the express highway. The driver this time is a bouncer. He eats like hell. I watch him eat. He has been good to me. He came early morning to pick me up and dropped me in time for my scheduled appointment. I feel grateful. He knows he is dumb and forgetful of routes. So he comes early. I am humbled by his discipline and preparation. I can only give love.

So the great city is smart,  purposeful and tantalisingly sexy, but no heart..

May be one day would like to have a home there, we will see whether the broken connection gets restored…

A requiem for soul..

Have a lovely day my friends!

Love, Suresh



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