My Birthday

21 Mar

Today is my birthday. I was born to good parents many years ago. I was born in 1971. I am forty -four years old. I guess that is middle age. I never looked at age as anything but a number. It is a number really.  Iam not worried about age. I still have curiosity of a child. I still like to play. I still like innocence and fun. Children are my best friends.  I love teachers most. I love school. I have not grown up that way. I don’t want to. I dont know if am right or wrong.

I realised if you don’t exercise everyday your body will feel its age. The elixir to everlasting youth, if there ever is such a thing is to exercise and have a pure heart of a child. That way we will be truly in the moment (meditative) and healthy.

What have I learned in my life ?

My blog is only about learning but still…

1. Good behaviour does not necessarily mean a good person.  Good heart is a good person. Kind heart is a good person.

2. People who love you will always love you regardless of situations. People who dislike you will always dislike regardless of situations.

3.  Stay away from negative and passive – aggressive people. It will take a long time for you to know that they were never on your side.

4. Only one person changes your life. Mostly some one outside your inner circle.

5. If you have an opportunity to study. Pursue education early in life. Study well. Otherwise you have to go through a lot of wrong situations to reach the right place and right people.

6. There is no need to feel bad if somebody does not cooperate with you. Most people think they are clever, they only think they are clever.

7. People are so consumed of their needs and desires. They have nothing to give.  Ninety percent of the world is takers.

8.  We are responsible for everything that happens in our life. No body is to be blamed. It is really liberating and empowering thought. Then we can be whatever we want to be. Good or Bad.

9. Every one deserves love and respect. Every one deserves our good will. Every one deserves kindness. Every one deserves understanding.  Every one deserves forgiveness including ourselves.

10. I have a clandestine feeling Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented Google search engine so that poor men can have something equal to women. Because women know everything.

The last one is in fun 🙂

My friend asked me ” How did you celebrate your birthday ” so this is what i did ..


I went drank a bottle of Pomegranate juice, that’s all did..

I went biking after sometime. I always like it. I remembered..

” The most difficult thing is the decision to act, rest is tenacity.”

– Amelia Earhart

I came back and knew as always is the  practice in my home, my brother would get a cake in late evening. In his brithday me would go get a cake. I also heard my mother saying this 🙂

So that’s my little life : Pomegranate juice, Biking, Black Forest cake and Blog.

Sometimes feel very vulnerable most people have families and children by my age. Iam still alone. It is not a good place.

I also feel very vulnerable when my family falls sick. I really need some better luck than visiting hospitals..

I wish had some help. Sometimes turn to my sister for guidance. Sometimes to my friends.

So that’s my birthday today..

I have a job. Iam so grateful. I have hope. Iam surely on right track. My most beloved teachers wished me and so did my well wishers. I am so grateful. So wear gratitude as a cloak.

” Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.”

– Rumi

Goodnight friends! Hope you have a lovely day!

Love, Suresh


2 Responses to “My Birthday”

  1. Sonya Kassam March 21, 2015 at 8:43 pm #

    Happy Birthday Suresh – you are forever young!

    • sureshvn March 22, 2015 at 2:07 am #

      Thanks much Sonya, please take care!

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