Resilience – The fundamental Building Block of Success ( Andreas von der Heydt)

19 Mar

Resilience – The fundamental Building Block of Success

According to my experience the primary difference between winners and losers is how they handle set backs and and how they cope with losing. Without a doubt, even the strongest, most clever, and most competent ones among us stumble from time to time and do not succeed. Some of these challenges might be relatively minor. Others might be much larger in scale.

The real skill, and as such the main building block of success, is getting back on track again after difficult experiences and loses, and not giving up. Instead bouncing back into the original, or even into a stronger position than before.

In psychology this characteristic is called resilience: An individual’s tendency to cope with stress and adversity. This coping may result in the individual “bouncing back” to a previous state of normal functioning, or simply not showing negative effects.”

Resilience, however, is not a silver bullet which automatically eliminates all problems of someone. It gives people the strength to directly face problems, to overcome adversity and to move on with their lives. (e.g. after a personal loss, sickness, nature catastrophe, etc.). People are able to marshal the strength to not just survive, but to prosper.

Ten Ways to become more resilient

There are people who naturally possess certain personality traits that assist them coping with setbacks and bringing them quickly back on a good track. Today we know that many of these skills can be learned and trained by anyone. As such they will help you to tackle past or upcoming problems head-on and to become more successful.

1. Understand that Setbacks are Part of Life
Life is not always cozy and fun. It is also characterized by complexity and challenges. They belong to life like the night is part of the day. Without night there would be no day. Without pain there would be no joy. While we often cannot avoid all the problems, we can choose to stay flexible, open-minded, and determined to succeed.

2. Be aware of Yourself and the Environment
Resilient people are aware of themselves, the environment, and their own emotional reactions to those around them. They have understood the importance of evaluating the reasons of their feelings by constantly observing themselves. This enables them to take control of the situation and to develop various options of behaving and acting.

3. Believe and know that You are in Control
If you are a resilient person, then you have a so-called Internal Locus of Control. You believe that you can control your life, you do not believe that you are defined by external factors which you can´t control. Instead, you feel that you have the power to make choices and take actions that will affect your success rate.

4. Become a Solution Thinker
When a difficult situation arises, resilient people would always think of solutions. They would act calmly, would review holistically the task at hand, and would be able to spot possible solutions. If not, they would envision them. Next time you encounter a new challenge, make a quick list of some of the potential ways you could solve it. Experiment with different strategies and focus on developing a logical way to work through it.

5. Believe in Yourself
You are unique. You are beautiful. You have proven already so often in life that you are an achiever. Remind yourself of your strengths and accomplishments. Believe in yourself and become more confident about your own abilities and strengths.

6. Set Goals and define manageable Milestones
Difficult situations can be extremely daunting. Resilient people are able to view these situations in a realistic way, and then set reasonable goals to deal with the problem. When you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by a situation, take a step back to simply assess what is before you. Brainstorm possible solutions, and then break them down into manageable steps. Be willing to adapt, if necessary. Remain flexible and embrace change.

7. Stay optimistic
Keeping a hopeful attitude during turbulent times is another key part of resilience. This does not mean ignoring problems at hand in order to focus on positive outcomes. It means understanding that setbacks are transient and that you have the skills and abilities to combat the challenges you face. What you are dealing with may be difficult, but it is important to remain hopeful and positive about a brighter future. View yourself as winner, not as a loser.

8. Be brave and ask for Help
Resilient people are mature enough to admit that they can´t know everything. They are also strong enough to admit, if they feel that their energy level is going down and that they need to re-charge their batteries by receiving outside know-how, advice, support, etc. from any potential source of assistance. In this respect it helps if you have a good social network. If you can exchange with family, friends, or colleagues in order to gain new perspectives and/ or motivation.

9. Take it easy
Even the best among us will not be able to achieve everything. Even if they are properly prepared, have done their homework, can rely on an excellent support network, are super optimistic, and absolutely committed. There are still factors outside of our control. And, most importantly, often things just need time to evolve and to develop. Resilient people understand that sometimes the best recipe of success is to step back and to wait. They know that patience often pays off. They do not get stressed out in such situations. Rather they relax, re-focus on themselves and getting ready for possible next steps.

10. Nurture Yourself
When you’re stressed, it can be all too easy to neglect your own needs. Losing your appetite, ignoring exercise, and not getting enough sleep are all common reactions to a crisis situation. Focus on building your self-nurture skills, even when you are troubled. Make time for activities that you enjoy. By taking care of your own needs, you can boost your overall health and resilience and be fully ready to face life’s challenges. ”

–  Andreas von der Heydt ” The single most essential building block of success ”

Source :

I wrote a poem on resilience yesterday. I read this piece today and wanted to share for you dear friends. Andreas von der Heydt, who is head of kindle content  at Amazon Germany writes great posts as a Linkedin influencer. These ten ways to become resilient are useful and can help much in any circumstances.

I believe if all else fails and only  one quality remains ie ” Resilience” it supercedes all and is enough. That is why it is the final quality in my opinion. After resilience must be something spiritual, zen, undifferentiated love, unconditional love…

Resilience and love must then lead to godliness 🙂

Like Rafael Nadal plays at tennis, David Ferrer plays at tennis, Maria Sharapova plays at tennis 🙂

Goodnight friends! Hope you find this article useful.

Have a lovely day!

Love, Suresh


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