Every day poems..

15 Mar


My station in life

Is  then also to remind every one

Remind again, again and again

The most important thing

In this existence is your health

Health first, Health second, Health infinity

If you are healthy,You are a king,You are a Queen..

Stay healthy


The hardest thing :

The hardest thing

Is not being to meet the dear departed

Is not being able to meet the one you love

Is not being able to meet your friends

I find such denial forced by nature or man

Very hard..


Negative thought:

Life has been such

I cannot afford a negative thought

But am also caught up in such quagmire

For reasons not known  sometimes

My practice then is always to stay away

From a negative thought

So those who are worried

Those who are estranged

I have no negative thought

How can you think negative

For people you love ?


Johny Lever:

This is only ideology believe in

MughaleAzam banke banke history ban gayi hai,

Woh saare punjabiyone banayi hai, baat karte ho tum?

Punjabi Punjabi, saala, Bengali kuch bhi nahi hai kya?

Yeh sen, woh sen, yeh da, woh da, sab bengali hai

Saif ali.. kidar se aaya…  sab ke sab bengali hai ”

See this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm7fpKbGMks

The last one no poem, some slapstick fun from a Indian comic actor Johny Lever for Indian subcontinent and diaspora..

So dear friends ” Stay healthy, have no fights or conflicts, meet people you love and harbour no negative thought”

Yes have more fun 🙂

Goodnight friends! Have a lovely week ahead!

Love, Suresh










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