7 Mar

I haven’t been able to post as regularly as would wish to. What have been upto apart from my normal complaints of being tired?  I have been working and visiting hospitals.  I look tired and am on hospital duty..


I have been spending after work hours in hospital. Yes my sister is mother of a baby girl now. The child is under observation and none of us save my sister has seen the child. I hope to see the child soon..

Neil Armstrong had said ” One small step for man, one giant step for mankind” as he stepped on moon, well for my family ” this is a giant step”..

I have written about my journey, to see my younger sister as a mom is a huge step, always considered her a child, now she has a child, so what does that make me, a grandfather haan ..:)

Iam a uncle now, Uncle Suresh…(  wonder is it like that bollywood movie, King Uncle, never mind..)

I have had no private life. I  always worked and focussed on family. OR. I have struggled and focussed on family. The family is a constant. I had decided pretty early some one would have to sacrifice. It would be me. Has my family life been picture perfect? No its broken, tempestuous, sincere but we are all binded by love.

I have understood love is both a private and a complex emotion. Eventhough its easy to be loving. It’s not easy to reconcile both. We are human. We all try to find a mix and our own way, we all learn, we do our best..

I am most happy about one more girl child in family, hope she gets better soon and we all get to see her..

Who knows if god wills me too might get lucky, it’s all god’s will..

Goodnight freinds! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Love,Uncle Suresh


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