Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven

21 Feb

I wanted to write a post, but have work to do 🙂

This my thoughts, this for my estranged friend…..

I have my work, my teachers, my friends, my army, even the parking lot guy seems to like me …still sometimes it’s so hard..

I wish could listen to somebody, yes that’s what look for in a partner, some one whom to listen to..

The one’s who have known me, know me listen..

Can I listen to young ? Will my journey be a burden? cannot really ask out people who are so much younger,  so what do I do ?

Nor am the one to throw myself at first one, you see, I may not be that, but am a good guy 🙂

So what do I do ? It’s terrible to get old, terrible when you are neither young or old 🙂

May be I don’t belong here in heaven , or may be I do, but do know everything changes and everything is by will of God..

I also know may not get what I need, but will get what I deserve..

See got the job 🙂

But why no news haan 🙂

Goodnight friends, thank you for listening to my tonight wailing 🙂 now must work.

Have fun!

Love, Suresh





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