Hello everyone..

7 Feb

I have been missing blogs. I guess have reconciled perhaps may only be able to blog on weekends. My life changed for better on 9th Jan 2015! A life of routine, respect and hardwork. I like it. I stay far from my work place the driving takes a toll on me. I am barely able to open my eyes once leave office. But like it. The alternate is so much worrisome. I like to see my mom and brother. That’s the reason am staying where am staying. My mother has friends and my brother’s work place is close by. But we all need a new house. Let’s see…

What did i do today?  I spent mornings visiting all the temples and a Gurudwara ( Sikh place of worship). I am grateful and never want to be away from this dimension of thankfulness. I have seen other days. I always visited temples on saturdays and the gurudwara. It gave me peace and resolution. Today was no different. I was tired in morning but once started visiting temples, feeling of fatigue evaporated magically. I was surprised at this first hand experience of grace. The week long fatigue is real and no figment of imagination, so my friends, there is a power who looks after all of us..

I want to surrender to grace. For this is my direct experience of life. I spent two-hours alone visiting temples and gurudwara. I pray for family and friends. I am thankful for myself. I was happy that could go back to myself. I did not have breakfast. I needed to go to the bank but skipped. I can be horribly lazy when it comes to personal matters. I went home trying to catch some sleep but could not, the fatigue returned once out of confines of grace. But this is what saw at the Gurudwara..


These from the holy sikh text. The first few lines in punjabi. The translation says :

” The lord is the fulfiller of aspirations and the giver of all the comforts in his power is the elysian cow so, o my soul, meditate on such lord, then alone, shall thou obtain all the comforts. ”

I have surrendered to grace and feel everything that happens is by benevolence of supreme grace, that grace could also be a kind human being..

What else did I do ? The evenings are for biking. I went on my usual route happily with some errands,like to get watches repaired at the watch store. I check watches. I really have no need. Iam impressed that Indian watches are as good in design these days as international brands. I check prime minister’s watch Movado. But have no need. I can volunteer as watch salesman. I come back riding happily.

I really spent the day  going to temples in morning, trying to sleep in afternoons, biking in evenings. I realised spent four happy hours  alone going to temples and biking , realised this is what i like. Now only if could find a companion who likes going to temples and biking and reading 🙂

My experience of life has taught me, goodness never goes unaccounted, it comes back, may be after long, it does comes back. We just need to do good, good deeds, good behaviour, in any case everything is divine grace.

So ” Never lose faith in goodness” dear friends, will blog tomorrow too, have a good weekend!

Love, Suresh



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