My life’s lesson

18 Jan

” Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

― Kahlil Gibran

I went to my sister’s place today and saw  collected works of Kahlil Gibran. I read a piece and then fell asleep.  I was tired. I had long embraced Kahlil’s ” Work is love made visible.” But there is more reckoned from my journey..

No life journey is absolute. But every journey is valid. No two human’s are alike. But every human being is important. We all have our maps and references based on our inclinations and preferences. Let me speak a little about ” like minded travellers”, before that a story..

We met many years ago. He of handsome and squeaky clean looks. He always had something nice to say about me. Both of us were driven. But we had a connection. But we had a vibe. We were fun. We would try to meet where ever life took us and catch up. I remember meeting him in four different cities. Sometimes me would venture to meet him. Sometimes he would venture to meet me. I knew he had the smarts and chutzpah. He always believed in me. Then life took off for him. Nothing made me more happy. I hit a rough patch. We lost touch. We never lost the vibe.  Many years later we were destined to meet. I told him ” you changed my life”. He told me something wonderful ” Life gets fair at some point..”. I am talking about ” like minded travellers.”

You know what, it is true of my experience, that life gets fair eventually if you never give up, if you persevere, if you take no short cuts, partake no ponzi schemes, if you can grit it out, learn your lessons, life gets fair..

There are many who come as ” like minded travellers” who change the course of your destiny, it is for you to recognize them and honour those learnings and lessons, once you have gone through them all, awaits divine grace, the one above, the final glistening to ” life getting fair.”

I am in deep gratitude to ” like minded travellers”, some one who suggested a book, someone who sent me to a course, some one who sent me to a pilgrimage, someone who taught me virtues of health, then my ” miracle traveller freind” and finally the one above..

I owe my current station and journey to them, to my fellow like minded travellers, they who have showered their learnings and love..

The lesson from my life is ” If you truly grit it out, take no short cuts, learn your lessons, live your learnings, with the grace of one above, life gets fair..”

I have always believed that we can change the world.  Like minded fellow travellers are the polestars and sometimes like lighthouses in sea..shining light on our path.

Yes, life gets fair, don’t give up, don’t ever give up, have faith …

Good night friends ! Yes, ” work is love made visible ” and it is also ” about gritting it out, persevering it out and then one day, it all makes sense..”

If there is one lesson that can confidently and truly  share with the world is ” Grit”.

Have a lovely day!

Thank you!





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