Pilgrimage & native – 4

17 Jan

I wanted to finish pictures series from pilgrimage and native. This is mostly native. Some pictures of beloved people, there is this just one guy, who should  be out of this, nevermind he seems to be having a good time 🙂


In between my pilgrimage,managed to snatch a visit to my uncle’s house twice. This is my native and one of my favorite places in the world. That’s my inspiring aunt sitting outside and talking on mobile phone. I love this house and ofcourse love my uncle and aunt. I had a pleasant and great stay. I have two more aunts living in vicinity. I was happy in a long long time.


This is the village temple. Every evening would walk with my uncle to village temple. I love this temple and here is why..


Every one lights the earthen lamp kept on the little shelf like design, me too would join in, with my uncle, women, elders and children. I guess it is auspicious and it gave me happiness.


It looks like this when its done, isn’t it beautiful, you have to come to my village to see this .. 🙂


And more and this for a panoramic view. I love it and hope you like it too..


On my morning walk to a temple with my uncle would stumble on this sight. This is the only land where perhaps lenin, stalin and Che Guevara would be on hoardings asking for votes in local language ” malyalam”.. The communist party ( Marxist) is a living entity and labour is king..


This is another  temple where loved to go with my uncle in his morning walks. It is a simple and good life. We would start walking at 7 am and be back by 8.15 am. My uncle is a loving and devout man. He would continue his prayers once back in home in his prayer temple. I love going to temples. I would visit them twice in a day with my uncle in native.


The parapet and reclining chair is one of my favorite places , spent time happy contemplating  in afternoons and waiting for all the all important interview calls and HR rounds..


These are my aunts. Lets just say my favorite people. I love listening to them. They are extremely loving, kind and give me great advice. They are very intelligent. I always knew women know everything, they understand everything, the only  tangential thing is who they cooperate with 🙂 ( See how Kiran Bedi and  Shazia Ilmi have joined BJP). My two aunts made my stay memorable and very pleasant. I was very happy. I miss them.



One more aunt of mine, my father’s sister and who  was so very kind and loving. That’s her daughter in law, her  bête noire 🙂


Who is this?

Well, we are mallu. We are uncouth. We like Salman khan. We don’t like clothes 🙂

After morning visit to temple, sitting on parapet,

what my friend says ” sitting and enjoying ” 🙂


And this ?

Well, we are mallu. We are uncouth. We are shameless. We like Salman khan. We don’t like clothes 🙂

Sitting and enjoying again 🙂

This time on reclining chair..


Forget the earlier uncouth guy, this is the real person. My handsome uncle who made my stay so pleasant. I have never met a more dignified, active and loving person in my life. He is a beautiful man.


Well the earlier uncouth guy is not that bad, just for sake of redeeming self, this from Shreya Ghoshal concert @ Infosys pune..


Sitting and enjoying 🙂

Goodnight friends! My little life in my native and here..

And clenching your fist for the ones like us /who are oppressed by the figures of beauty, /you fixed yourself, you said, “Well never mind,
we are ugly but we have the music.” ..” ( Chelsea Hotel #2/ Leonard Cohen)

Hope you have a lovely day!  Thank you!

P S : Mallu is just a slang for “Malyali”. People whose mother tongue is malyalam and hail from state of kerala. My native place is kerala. It’s a beautiful place and popularly referred as ” God’s own country.”





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