My father..

16 Jan

I feel better today and less tired. I was thinking of my father. I saw a made up picture of Robert downey Jr. by a graphic artist which had a uncanny resemblence to my father. Is it the mind Mirroring the object or Serendipity. I don’t know. In my recent visit to my native and pilgrimage, only thing that secretly and subconsciously seeking was a memory of my father. No body seems to mention. One of my uncles argued with his elder sister that me, my brother and sister resemble my father. I was secretly happy there was a mention. His sister had said ” I smile like my mother.” She was observing me. When was a child my father had shown me a plot of land. All gone. He had sold it. I guess to create some hope for children. I had silently prayed if my work takes off  will do something in my father’s memory. Now that have renewed hope. I remember my father. Its such a long time, but a living memory for me, first man who created hope in my life and first person in whole world who accepted me…

I was excited to see a old dusty picture of my father in one of my aunts home in the countryside. I think all of my aunts and uncles homes have picture of my father and mother as a young couple. But for some reason, me clicked this picture in sheer excitement..

my father

This is a picture from my village. It’s dusty. I was never more excited than to see this picture, memory of my father, some one remembers him as me do, my sister does, we have a picture of his in our wallet. All of us, my mother too in her purse. I saw once. My brother also.


My father passed away before mobile and digital cameras came into  this country. Having seen the other side, am always aware and have no fears, want to succeed in my work and do something in my father’s memory..

I also humbly realised even after all these years, people like you, a retired man in my recent train journey suddenly kissed me on the shoulder as he waved me good bye, it must be his spirit, that people see some good in me, everything that is agreeable about me is because of my father, everything disagreeable about me is totally me, little cockiness and reaction, hope to do away with completely. For have a mission, a father’s dream…

Goodnight friends. My father never fails to excite me. Even when am this old. I have always remembered my father, my teachers, school, my friends , good people and that was a good guy too,  in my darkest time and thus have survived. I still live in my father’s house.

My father’s house shines hard and bright it stands like a beacon calling me in the night/Calling and calling/ so cold and alone
Shining ‘cross this dark highway where our sins lie unatoned..” ( Bruce springsteen/ My father’s house)

I will achieve my dream. My father’s dream.

As for Robert downey’s Jr.’s made up picture: please see:

Goodnight friends! Hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you!



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