Anand – Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli – Manna Dey

13 Jan

I am tired and am listening to this song 🙂

Song : Zindagi kaisi hai paheli ( Life is such a puzzle)

Movie : Anand ( 1971)

Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli Haye
Kabhi Toh Hasaye, Kabhi Yeh Rulaye
( Life is such a puzzle ( enigma)
Sometimes it makes you laugh, Sometimes it makes you cry )
Kabhi Dekho Mann Nahin Jage
Pichhe Pichhe Sapno Ke Bhage
Ek Din Sapno Kaa Rahi
Chala Jaye Sapno Ke Aage Kahin
Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli Haye…
( Sometimes see, the mind never awakens
It runs unceasingly after dreams
One day this dream rider
goes ahead of the dreams somewhere..
Life is a enchanting puzzle )
Jinhone Sajaye Yaha Mele,
Sukh Dukh Sang Sang Jhele
Wohi Chunkar Khamoshi ,
Yun Chale Jaye Akele Kahan
Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli Haye…
( Those who weaved collective dreams
shared happiness and sadness together
Where did they just walk away..
Life is such a puzzle..)
This is a beloved song of a  beloved singer composed by a beloved music director from a beloved movie  written by a beloved writer  directed by a beloved director  featuring the most beloved actor 🙂
This is a favorite movie of childhood and this song is dedicated to all beloved people 🙂
Yes, life is a puzzle, what can we do? always do your best..
Good night friends!  Hope you have a lovely day!
Thank you!

2 Responses to “Anand – Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli – Manna Dey”

  1. Sonya Kassam January 13, 2015 at 6:44 pm #

    Beautiful! I have always been a Rajesh Khanna fan.

    • sureshvn January 14, 2015 at 1:17 am #

      Thank you and me too friend 🙂

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