Pilgrimage – 2 ( Sabarimala pictures)

8 Jan

After the grim and deplorable attacks,am  compelled to finish posts on pilgrimage. It’s beyond me that religion or religiosity can sanction any kind of violence. May be faith and spirituality should just be a private domain. I have no answers. I will try to share some pictures of journey. I had shared pictures from onward train journey. Here is the second series.


This is the porch or frontal view of the house we were staying for our pilgrimage. This is Chandru’s cousin’s house. All houses in the country side are surrounded by trees and a vivacious green belt. This is perhap’s why Kerala is  called ” God’s own country.” The seemingly wooden arches are not of wood but made of cement. May be P. C. Sorcar, Jr. ( India’s Houdini) would like the deception 🙂 May be its just plain stupid me..035

The house is spacious and all of us have rooms and can even take a walk inside 🙂


We are greeted by a little beautiful boy, Nandu ( Suryanand) who is also with us on pilgrimage, he is relentless and cross between sugar ray leonard and mother teresa, he and I are going to pilgrimage for first time, he bashes me blue and showers love too 🙂


He has a little brother, all of two, Vishwanand and hits the plastic football with elan and panache. His strikes are clean. I play with him stunned. There is a Lionel Messi in kerala and he is a determined two year old 🙂


This is a section of village temple from where we embark on our pilgrimage after a elaborate ritual for all eight people in our troup.


This is a night click at village temple. Me, our little hero and Chandru. I will miss them. The little child is in kerala and while Chandru flies tonight. Once the rituals are done, we can’t wear footwear, we can’t shave and have to wear a black tunic, lungi.


We have a ten hour hour bus drive and me try to take a selfie. We can’t have enough of little child. Me, little child and Chandru. The Bus journey is never easy one  but keep looking at churches, mosques and temples from the widow panes. I wonder at diversity ..


I manage to take a picture at Sabarimala, you can see the stream of devotees and police deployment..


After a 5km climb on mountain steps we reach here, the never ending stream of devotees, we were one of them, like the 50 milion devotees annually. It is a difficult climb. The terrain is rough. We do it barefoot. We climbed at night and stood in queues. As is norm in Indian temples down south, the men have to remove shirts once inside. We barely  wore one through out journey. It’s a practice.


024 (2)

That’s all of us, me on extreme left , little Nandu on the  ferocious  makeshift lion, chandru besides him and every one 🙂


I take this picture as we descend and see the Tiger reserve hoarding in the forest.  One has always and always dutifully practiced” Aim to truth “, it appeals me. If only Truth, love and kindness were religion. It would be enough.

Like the great Dalai lama says ” Just be a nice warm person, that’s enough.”

It is enough. What did I learn from the pilgrimage?

I learned regardless of devotion, age, children,  the terrain and vertical climb of five kilometers is not just one of endurance but is also painful. It needs unwavering focus to reach  the temple which is on a mountain top. The pain is same for all human beings. The threshold of pain is then what makes the climb a successful one. Every mission in life necessarily has a threshold of pain, every endeavour must pass through pain to become fruition. Thus fulfillment, spiritual or personal, must pass through pain to achieve accomplishment. Thus overcoming of pain and unsurpassing of pain is accomplishment, success or may be Nirvana.

If you are interested in Sabarimala pilgrimage:http://sabarimala.kerala.gov.in/

This for today, will post some more pictures of stay in my native place. Beautiful Kerala.

Hope you have a lovely day my friends!

Thank you.








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