Pilgrimage -1( Train pictures)

4 Jan

I wanted to share pictures of my pilgrimage. I will share some sequentially for you dear friends. I went with my young cousin and his family, friend to our native Kerala by train, from there we hired a mini bus to foothills of our destination, Sabarimala, Hindu pilgrimage center located in mountain ranges of  Pathanamthitta district, kerala, India. It has an inflow of  estimated 50 million devotees every year. These are pictures from train journey.


This my young cousin Rahul and me on 18th Dec 2014. We decided to meet at a railway station,Chinchwad and travel together to Mumbai. He didn’t come for our pilgrimage but his father did join us. Confusing no worries have lot of cousins and uncles 🙂


Rahul is 24 and works for Infosys. Iam old enough to be his father and its wonderful to spend time with young, the buzz & energy is exciting. I always like to spend time with students, young people, my young cousins. Our connecting train is late by an hour. He talks, me listens.


finally we board the train,but get no seats. It’s exciting and fun to talk to my young little brother, so don’t feel tired and it’s invigorating. The young are elixir of life.


That’s Rahul on left, Chandru ( my young cousin) and his wonderful father. Rahul and Chandru are cousin brothers. They are also my young cousins, we are from my father’s side :). I love my brothers. Chandru is 23 and studies in Amrika ( United states). I love him. He has grown a beard for our pilgrimage. It is he and his wonderful father, one of my uncles who invited me for this pilgrimage. I am so grateful.


Chandru and me at another railway station, Kalyan, waiting for our train to Kerala. The train is late by six hours. I do not mind at all, as get to spend more time with my young brother. He is wonderful, intelligent and innocent. I love spending time with him. The buzz is super exciting. I meeting him after year and half.


018 (2)

This is Chandru’s friend Nilesh. He is same 23 or 24. His dad comes to drop him in railway station. Both father and son are very amiable and seem to read my mind. His father talks to me at great length. Nilesh hails from Sind and is coming to southern India for first time. He is quiet and wonderful kid.


My young cousin, Chandru and me in train. He is my hero. I ask him about his life and studies. He is very exciting and love everything about him, his intellect and goodness. I once told him ” If were to be born again, would love to be born as him.” He had quickly corrected me ” Live in the present etta ( brother), let the world experience unexplored part of suresh nair”, very wise and exciting kid, right :). I love him.


This is a favorite snap. It is from return journey, the little kid, is only 4 years old and came for our pilgrimage. He is chandru’s cousin’s child. He did 5km climb with us. He was the life of our trip. The little kid is Nandu ( Suryanand) loving and naughty. Children are god’s angels on earth. Our superstar Nandu and me, Shoranur, railway station.

These are some of the pictures of the journey dear friends. I will post more. This for today. These young people, Rahul, Chandru, Nilesh and very very very young Nandu. The young are best things about life.The Bible says ” No matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.”   I love them.

Goodnight my friends! Hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you!


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