Rafael Nadal ( Come 2015!)

17 Dec

” Ever since he came onto the tour, he had all the markings of a guy that would be done with tennis by 26, 27, because his game was such a grind mentally and physically. He’s obviously outlasted that age. He’s made of sterner stuff than most of us because he’s able to keep coming back from injuries and long layoffs and continues to dominate. Now, you get the sense that he’s going to be as always — if he’s physically fit. I would say he’s the greatest mental player in the history of the sport. Not strategy, necessarily, but the ability to play every point as if that’s the most important one you’ve ever played, and do it every match. ”

―Jimmy Arias ( Former World #5 and commentator for Tennis Channel and ESPN.)

I remember Jimmy Arias and Aaron Krickstein as American tennis prodigies. Jimmy Arias is so very right.

rafa 1

” Too many things (happened) to be happy during the whole year. That’s part of my life, though. It’s happened a few times in my career. Now I have a month to prepare for the 2015 season, and that’s my goal.I’m going to work as much as I can, hope to be healthy for that. If I am healthy, I am confident that I can come back strong again. ” ( Rafa)

rafa 3

” I started this year believing that I was ready for everything again,I started well, playing the final in Australia, but during the final I injured my back. It was hard for me to accept that I didn’t have the chance to compete in the final. Then I went down for a while. Takes a little bit of time to recover from that mentally and physically. I was coming back to my best again … playing better and better every single week and arriving in Roland Garros with a great level. Then I won there and I was fully confident again. It was the most beautiful part of the year for me. ” ( Rafa)


” My main goal today is try to put my body and my tennis again in a competitive way. That’s what I’m going to try to do during this December. I am thinking I am (focused) about Australia because I like a lot of years in Australia, and I felt that I was doing the right things there so many years during my career. I have a special motivation for that.” ( Rafa)

All quotes and please read for more: “Can Rafael Nadal’s mind conquer his ailing body in 2015?”By Ravi Ubha and Isa Soares, December 16, 2014 CNN. Please see:http://edition.cnn.com/2014/12/16/sport/tennis/rafa-nadal-tennis-2014-injuries/index.html?hpt=hp_c5

Rafa was also named ” Favorite son of Mallorca ” . To quote Spanish great :

” I appreciate being a Mallorcan.The first thing that I do when I’m playing in other countries, whether I win or lose in the tournament, is to seek for the fastest way to go back to Mallorca. It’s always a bit tough starting off after a few difficult months, without any continuity, and after the last month-and-a-half without being able to play any sport and the appendicitis.What I must do is play well, prepare, and when the moment comes, give myself opportunities. If one of those is in the final rounds, anything could happen.” ( Rafa)

So, I wish to share a infographic of Rafa’s injuries..
The infographic shows 13 major injuries Rafa had to struggle with througout his career. It’s in spanish and may be friends could translate. Not to mention images of Rafa playing with bloodied wrist, back problems  reaching Australian open finals in 2014 and pulling out of US open with a wrist injury. Now recuperating from appendix surgery to get back to competitive sport..
 Imagine, if we strain a ankle, sometimes it takes a few  months to heal, if we keep things in perspective, for me he is the best, one of the greatest ever in all fields.
Rafa inspires me in so many ways. The grit, the tenacity, the perseverance  to comeback everytime and emerge victorious. Generous in spirit and humility. I had many transitions in work and life. It’s always a deep struggle to find one’s place back again and again. Always learning and always striving hard with dignity. I think the world does not owe us anything, we must then always strive hard with purpose and belief. He is my  hero.
The Gita says ” The value of work is not in its results but in the spirit in which it is done – the right spirit being that which offers work as an incense to the Eternal. ” I think that right spirit is ” Grit” and ” Love”. If so, Rafa is the ultimate role model. My hero.
I have embraced ” Love ” and ” Grit” as religion. The latest in my arsenal after hearing Ashraf Ghani ( President of Afghanistan) speak is  “diplomacy” and “pragmatism.” Something which lacked, so if you meet me, just might say ” Good afternoon! Thank you for your service.” And what is your service? meeting me 🙂
I have no doubts, come 2015, will see Rafael Nadal winning more slams and world is so much richer because of the great Spaniard.
Rafa, my hero.
So Good afternoon! Hope you have a lovely day my friends! Thank you!

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