Training ( Nike Tennis )

13 Dec

nick upload

” Mental strength comes with knowing you’ve banked lots of hard work, you’ve got miles in your tank and you’ve done the work you know you needed to do to compete and beat the best. When that is there, the mental side helps you feel unbeatable.”

― Nick Kyrgios

juan petro upload

” Believing that you worked harder than the opponent is what gives you confidence – that you overcome any obstacle when battling on the tennis court. Training lets you know that you can persevere no matter how difficult the match is.”

― Juan Martin del Potro

rafa upload

” Training and practice are very important. I always train as hard as I play. If you practice well, little by little, confidence grows.”

― Rafa Nadal

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As Hamlet said ” Readiness is all”, therefore there is no secret, training and practicing our craft diligently is our religion. If we do so, we must end up somewhere good. Hope Rafa, Juan Martin del Potro and Nick Kyrgios inspires you as inspires me.

Goodnight my friends! Hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you!


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