The one..

8 Dec


The one:

One examination

One business

One soulmate

One career

I wanted one

I believe in one

I wanted all of one

I seem to flounder in one

May be haven’t found the one

The true and immanent (imperishable)

The confluence of light and grace

May be will find the one

The everlasting mercy of god

The true and the one

Godspeed the one

I have always pursued one goal. One soulmate. One engagement. I wondered if should have worked on multiple tracks. I guess have one track mind. I am monotasker. I like one. I hope find ” The one.” The true, the everlasting, the light, is that you ? šŸ™‚

IĀ  visited the neighbourhood hair cutting saloon. I politely told barber seeing him eating meat in breakfast ” I will wait for your understudy( assistant), you must excuse myself, am going for a pilgrimage” . This is what he told me ” Live freely, use your brain in every situation, be happy and you are only god.”Ā  šŸ™‚

Nevermind, this for today šŸ™‚ have a lovely day my friends!

Thank you!


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