My Ideal

7 Dec


My Ideal:

I am a idealist

I have a ideal

My ideals twofold

Public and Private ideal


Private ideal is private

Occupation and family

True work and True love

Children and parents

Sisters and brothers

Faith and prayer

Play and sport

Study and travel

Happiness and joy

Private ideal is private

My public ideal

To change the world

To uplift humanity

By sharing learnings

By sharing a thought

By sharing struggles

By sharing a experience

By sharing a victory

By sharing a defeat

By sharing vulnerabilities

By sharing ideals

My ideal is to change the world

Yes, I really want to change the world


A time will come

The journey will be no more

The soul will leave this costume ( body)

The soul must feel ” I tried ..”

They, must say ” He really tried..”

Someone must feel ” I too want to try..”

I try to be true to my journey and learnings. My blog is my voice, it’s all there is. Hope it’s useful.  My highest goal is to change the world. My method to share learnings and struggles. I want to try..

Leonard Cohen once said ” I always think of something Irving Layton said about the requirements for a young poet, and I think it goes for a young singer, too, or a beginning singer: “The two qualities most important for a young poet are arrogance and inexperience.” It’s only some very strong self-image that can keep you going in a world that really conspires to silence everyone ”

Elizabeth Gilbert writes in her facebook page “How entitled to do you feel to create, to invent, to change, to engage with this world, to move, to grow, to take risks, to have a voice and a vision of your own?  “

I don’t know, am trying to share a voice and vision on blog, hope it spreads.

Goodnight friends ! Hope all your ideals come true.

Have a lovely day! Thank you!










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