Ana Ivanovic

5 Dec

I wanted to do a post on Ana Ivanoic. I watched Ana Ivanovic play Kirsten Flipkens in IPTL’s new format on television. I realised she is so good, has a great looping forehand and a good serve. She is athletic and moves well. She looked and played like a champion. Ana Ivanoic has had a stellar year,  four WTA titles, 58 match wins and is now back as World No.5. May be it’s the confidence of a great year. May be it’s resurgence of a champion. She is a former World No.1@ 20 years of age. She won a Grandslam in 2008 ( Roland Garros) and  has had a tough few years and a downward spiral. Till she had a revival in 2014. It’s so heartening when a talented player find’s her rightful stage back.

I am so delighted with Ana Ivanovic doing  well this year and the turnaround she’s had. What is it that makes talented people lose their way? It must be confidence. It must be loss of belief. But these are loaded terms and contain so many ingradients, its such a process to regain it back, it takes so much practising, support, fighting spirit, faith, love,study so many things…

That’s why it’s so wonderful to rediscover that confidence and belief.  True confidence and true belief is different from normal course in my opinion, some are born with it and sustain it, some have to rediscover it through a process. May be Ana is in later segment.Your humble self is in later segment. Hence true confidence is special.

I am so happy for Ana Ivanovic. She is a huge talent and deserves to win more slams like Maria Sharapova. If she get’s Maria Sharapova’s mental toughness, she surely will, she definitely has the game. I hope  Ana Ivanovic wins slams.

To quote a WTA birthday tribute ” It was Friday, November 6, 1987, when Ana Ivanovic – one of the future greats of women’s tennis, and one of the most popular players of all time, too – was coming into the world.

Her story is inspirational – having begun playing at age 5 after watching it on TV and begging her parents to take her to lessons, Ivanovic practiced through some very difficult circumstances in her early years in Serbia and, as a teenager, began battling her way up in the world of women’s tennis.

With some ferocious hitting, and one of the best forehands on the tour, Ivanovic put together her first Top 5 season in 2007, highlighted by her first Grand Slam final at the  French Open – falling to Justine Henin. But it was 2008 that wrote her into the record books, as she reached two Grand Slam finals – the Australian Open , where she fell to Maria Sharapova, and again at the  French Open, where she beat Dinara Safina to become the first player representing Serbia to win a Grand Slam title.

After conquering Roland Garros, she also became the first player representing Serbia, male or female, to be a World No.1 in tennis. Jelena Jankovic and Novak Djokovic would match the feat soon after. ” Please see this WTA tribute and embedded clip of  Ana Ivanovic &  Simona Halep @ Singapore :

Some pictures..


” It’s about fighting and coming back strong. I’m really proud that I managed to turn it around after a few years that I didn’t perform as well as I’d hoped to. Now I feel I have a different approach to everything and I enjoy it more. It’s something that shows and helps me to plan and be even more motivated for the next season.” ( This is from above referenced WTA article “On This Day: Happy Birthday, Ana)

upoad blog

Isn’t she beautiful. When I was younger liked girls with short hair. Now that am older like girls who  simply tie up their hair like Ana above. Or simply do hair like the one before. Just a aside:)

“I think the biggest difference is that I’ve learned to be more laid-back. I am more relaxed these days, and try not to look too far ahead, or even make long-term plans as much as I used to.This has allowed me to play with less pressure and enjoy my matches more, and we’ve seen the results come too. ” ( Ana Ivanovic, Source : “Having more success at the Slams next year is my main goal”)

ana ivanovic

“Well, to be honest I lost a bit of confidence. I was searching all the time for the answers, trying new things, and I kind of went away from my base style of play. I was too passive in so many matches.

That’s not my game, but, then, it’s not easy to always be aggressive when your confidence isn’t so high, and I wasn’t winning as many matches as I was used to; so it was very challenging.

I’m proud that I have been able to come through those tough moments, and I am a stronger person for it. ” ( Ana Ivanovic, Source : “Having more success at the Slams next year is my main goal”)

ana 2

” Like I said, confidence was a factor. I also had quite a few small injuries and that affected my confidence too, because I was in kind of a stop-start pattern.

For me, motivation has never been an issue. In some ways, I’ve been too motivated: I have been so focused on getting back to the top that I have become stressed, and I’ve felt more under pressure than ever.

Recognising the importance of being more relaxed has been the key to better results.” (  Ana Ivanovic, Source : “Having more success at the Slams next year is my main goal”)

Please see :’Having more success at the Slams next year is my main goal’,

All images ( Source):

Iam inspired by Ana Ivanovic. Iam truly inspired. She has had many tough years and has fought back to where she belongs at the top. I guess 2008 to 2014 is tough six or seven years. If we examine above quotes from reddiff interview, we will appreciate, why confidence and belief is so hard and the path to rediscover is trial by fire. I have had a lean patch for the same period. My transition from 2006 onwards has been painful process. It takes many steps to get back to your true self. It’s true for all struggles. Personal or professional. I guess then for talented people, may be Ana’s approach may be the best approach :

“I have been so focused on getting back to the top that I have become stressed, and I’ve felt more under pressure than ever. Recognising the importance of being more relaxed has been the key to better results ”

I think being relaxed may be the key to better results as we find our way back, me have surrendered to Gita : To keep working and not looking at fruits of work

Those in transition, personal or on career, Ana provides stellar hope.

Ana Ivanovic is a champion like no other. A beautiful champion.

Good night Friends! Hope you have a lovely day.  Thank you!


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