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I grew up in eighties. I grew up in middle class India. Those days television was a state owned channel. The only source of information and analysis was Newspapers. The other option was school and public libraries. I was born near a suburb in Mumbai. I started going to public libraries to read magazines, newspapers and books very early. I would cycle with my great childhood friend Ramesh ( whom have sadly lost contact)  and we shared this mutual passion. I was seven or eight when started this and continued till about twelve. When was twelve years old my father a government servant was transfered to a new city. The city live right now. I would join him with my mother, brother and sister  a year later. Why am I stating this? this is to share a journey of  love for newspapers. Something that loved all  life.

I read an interview of  Editor whose work admired in my early years, Vinod Mehta.  I learnt English by reading columns of Sham Lal. My father had subscribed to Times of India. I also remember Nikhil Chakravartty. I admired Arun shourie ( Indian express) and Vinod mehta’s( Indian post and Outlook) courage as editors. I thought  Vir Sanghvi (Sunday) and MJ Akbar ( The Asian age) were very good. I still belive most incisive columns are written by MJ Akbar. I say this in all sincerity and very much as a lay person.

Two of my friends opted to study for journalism, Denny Thomas and Prakash Dandge, which was a exception in those days. I admired them. They both have successful careers. They are my only connection with journalism. Denny might remember my visits to Business standard office in Mumbai and buying old copies and special issues. I had a thirst for learning and Knowledge. Somtimes wonder should have pursued journalism? I don’t know.

In spite of life’s challenges  kept reading. I still like the morning newspaper. Though don’t devour as much as earlier. Iam old and spiritual now 🙂 I start my day with a chapter of ” The Gita.”

Vinod Mehta in this delightful interview with Shivam Vij for online news daily  says on the ruling party ( BJP) and secularism ” The irony is that when these guys are in opposition they attack Nehruvian legacy. When they come to power, they rule by Nehruvian legacy. The first person that Mr Modi went to is Atal Behari Vajpayee, and Atal Behari Vajpayee’s hero is Nehru. If you see how the BJP came to power – to come to power they had to become secular. Advani had to give in to Vajpayee. Those uniform civil code etcetera, had to be abandoned. Today, too, you see that on Article 370, they don’t know what to do because they want to win the election in Jammu & Kashmir. ”  I agree.

More on the Prime minister Mr. Modi ” Well, he’s on an extended honeymoon period. A journalist has to be honest about things you don’t like. As we speak, the Indian middle class and some sections of the Indian intelligentsia are mesmerised by Mr Modi and they see him as a messiah. I go for an evening walk and people I don’t know stop me and say we have to make sure Modi succeeds.

We have to wait till such time when the promises will need to be delivered and there is some shortfall. But right now, he’s riding a wave. ”  I concur.

I myself have written couple of appreciatory blogs on the Prime minister. I find middle class adulation of prime minister stunning. While he has certainly upped the ante in terms of ambition, my gut says it’s still  a self fulfilling prophecy. He speaks, therefore is. I will wait for execution and reserve my judgements after five years. May be after ten years. I am sure he will do well. Why blame the Congress for Sycophancy ?

One more aside from my life, some years ago in a difficult transition had gone to meet a career transition consulting company  for advise and consultation. The good natured consultant asked me ” Which school you went to ? ” I silently mumbled  schools went to. But did not say ” It is newspapers and public libraries that am most grateful to..”. So by chance Mahrukh if you come this way and have a chance to read this, you have an answer 🙂

Hope you like this interview with brave and courageous Mr. Vinod Mehta.

Have a lovely day my friends! “Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”  says Mesiter Eckhart. That’s what feel with a newspaper, every morning, guess things have gone little digital today..

Imagine I can read the ” The New york Times” now…

Thank you!




2 Responses to “Vinod Mehta”

  1. prakash dandge December 1, 2014 at 11:33 am #

    Thanks Suresh !! Keep writing !!

    • sureshvn December 1, 2014 at 11:45 am #

      Most welcome Prakash 🙂 look found you, yes my freind, will keep writing, keeps me sane, take care!

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