The ground..

28 Nov

Yesterday was a sad day. Cricketer Phillip Hughes passed away. Certain things in life had left me stupefied. I was sad and drained. I decided to hit the ground. The ground and the temple are my salvation. I decided to go for a ten lap run. It’s been a while had gone to ground. Iam usually on the road on a bike. I just needed to let go a lot yesterday. I decided carrying from my study of Hindu texts. This run too would be a surrendered action to lord. Lord Krishna! Thus so thought and always have a ideation or a goal (  “To give, not grab.” or a ” Lap to someone whom love.”, ” lap to my father’s friend my running hero” etc ). You see it’s my salvation. I had to go.

The ground

After seven laps halted and asked a good person to take a picture. I made friends with two kids who were stellar in their goal keeping drills. Every time  would pass by, the football would come to me ” to retrieve or hit”. It took my mind off. It made me happy for an hour. It get’s dark early and walked away after ten laps. I did some stretching stuff my father’s friend had guided me. I remembered  “a good person had approached me once saying you have your own set of exercises “. I realised have forgotten sequences now. I remembered few and walked away happily for a moment.

I reached home hoping to forget the tenor of day and thought would sleep early. But no the dark sombre mood continued. I remembered my friend whom have not spoken for a year. My worst detractors would tell you ” Am not a bad guy..”. I remembered other things, could not sleep..

Iam saved by temple and ground some days. It was the ground yesterday. The lesson ” more initiative..”

Hope you have a lovely day my friends!

Thank you!


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