Phillip Hughes

28 Nov

I will do two posts today. I generally have an idea of  ” subject” and it’s always what have felt ” A day before ie yesterday”. In a way blog is a chronicle and also  little take on life. Yesterday was a sad day! I was deeply saddened by injury to cricketer Phillip Hughes. I was worried and asked my mother who was watching a regional news channel ( my native malyalam) as saw the news appear. She confirmed that cricketer has passed away. I felt very sad. He was all of 25. I just felt incredibly sad. I had seen an innings of Phil Hughes when Australia had toured India last and he had played a gutsy innings. That’s all remember. I pray may the good soul rest in peace. May god give courage and strength to his family and loved ones, to his team and his nation.

Philip Hughes

My study of Hindu Texts ” The Gita” teaches me that man is a Atman ( The Soul) and not the body. The soul is imperishable. It knows no beginning and no end, no birth and no death. The Atman, the self, eternally is.

I will remember you Phillip Hughes.

Thank you!


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