Sania Mirza

27 Nov

” She has been a role model to many children, including girls to break barriers and strive for their goals in life and career choices. She has used the spotlight on her professional success to highlight social issues that are of concern for many Indians, speaking out on issues such as the need to halt the practice of female foeticide and the decreasing sex ratio in India. ”

― UN Women

I concur. I believe Sania Mirza has been one of the most important sports persons to come from India. Perhaps only next to Sachin Tendulkar in terms of societal impact. Sania is a stellar example of possibilities for a girl child. She is an achiever, intelligent and fearless. Extremely articulate and charismatic, she is a change agent. I find her commitment to nation exemplary as she fitted Asian games in a busy calendar winning a gold medal in mixed doubles and a bronze in women’s doubles. Then went on to win WTA  doubles Finals 2014 in Singapore with Cara Black. Not to mention US Open Mixed doubles 2014 with Bruno Soares. I believe she can have as much impact in Asia as Li Na. Sania Mirza is a fine role model for young girls everywhere most notably for South Asia.  No wonder Sania Mirza was appointed the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the South Asian region by UN Women. A fine choice and a true change agent.

” Sania, India’s most successful women’s tennis player and the first Indian to break into the World Tennis Association’s top 50 rankings, is the first South Asian woman to be appointed the goodwill ambassador in the organisation’s history.

“My role is a very important battle that I will fight off the tennis court for gender equality. Gender Equality is what I believe in,” the ace tennis player said. In her capacity as the goodwill ambassador, she intends to educate women about gender equality. ” Please see for more :

I think one of the good things of doing a post on Sania Mirza, you don’t have to write much, she is so articulate that her “quotes” are enough. So to quote Sania..

” My role is a very important battle that I will fight off the tennis court for gender equality. Gender Equality is what I believe in.”

” To that effect, there is an urgent need to change this mindset. Women must be made aware that they are equal to men. ”

” Equality depends on each and all of us. From the government that changes its laws, to the company that advances equal pay and equal opportunity, to the mother and father who teach their daughter and son that all human beings should be treated equally, to the athletes who demonstrate equality and excellence.”

” It inspires me to work harder towards a level playing field for women. Gender equality in sports as well as using sports to advocate for gender equality in communities is essential.”

Source :

” Yes, it is difficult to be a Sania Mirza in this country.I think a lot of controversies that I had faced in my career was because I am woman. Had I been a man, I could have avoided some of the controversies.”

” I think for more women to come into sports (in India), the culture needs to be changed. Government is getting involved and I guess that is going to change a lot of things. Our current Sports Minister, Mr Sarbananda Sonowal supports women sports a lot and I have personally seen it.”

” I am happy that the government is also opening up and speaking about the gender inequality that is present in our society. And the fact that they are trying to do something about it, speaks volume about it.”

” We need a cultural change and I hope media takes the responsibility, too. Media has the biggest voice, they can and should make a difference.”

” Gender equality is something we all advocate. Some speak about it, some don’t. I have chosen to speak about it. I hope one day everyone will say that we are equal and women are not treated as objects. I will try and do everything I can to bring about a change.”

” Women’s safety is something that has been going on. Nirbhaya case had opened our eyes. Not that it was the first case that had happened, but a lot of people woke up to ‘what’s going on’ ”

” Women face discrimination. They are treated like animals and it is not right. The thinking needs to be changed. Mentality needs to be changed. Men must understand that women also go out to do their work just as they do. But even women have to realise their own worth,”

Source :

― Sania Mirza

I first read about Sania Mirza when she was a very young girl winning  junior  titles. She was always a great talent. I think her impact goes beyond sport and who knows one day she might become a parliamentarian or a minister. I think she is a tour de force.

As for tennis, Sania has had a superlative year: US Open mixed doubles, US open womens doubles semi- finals, WTA  Finals women’s doubles, Asian games gold in mixed -doubles and  Asian games bronze in womens doubles. For more on Sania’s year and career :–Diary-of-a-great-year.html

She said recently  “I am definitely looking for that women’s doubles Grand Slam. I have won the world championship now, have won the mixed doubles title three times. I am definitely looking forward to a women’s doubles Grand Slam and, hopefully, that happens before I stop playing”

I am sure she  will win many more slams and women’s doubles slams. I have no two doubts..

Some pictures:

sania mirza 1

Sania at Asian games guess. She has won 14 medals for India, six of them gold in  Asian games, Commonwealth games and Afro- Asian games. I think she will win a Olympic medal too..

sania mirza 2

Sania supporting Prime minister’s cleanliness drive. Swatch Bharat campaign..

sania mirza 3

Beautiful and talented, more importantly a true voice..

All images ( Source) : Please see,

I think Sania Mirza will be a great United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the South Asian region.

I hope every girl child gets inspired by Sania Mirza. I dedicate this to every one who has daughters, sisters and to those parent’s who are doing a fine job of bringing up their children..

Have a lovely day my friends.

Thank you!


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