Reflection ( Attachment and me )

25 Nov

” Arjuna asks: “Master! The yoga of meditation thou hast declared to be the yoga of equanimity ( sama yoga). I do not see that I can ever attain to this yoga; for I find that the mind is restless, full of agitation, turbulent, strong and obstinate. To restrain it is as difficult as to curb the storm ( Vayu).”

This yoga which thou hast declared to be by equanimity, O krishna! I see not a stable foundation for it, owing to restlessness. For the mind is verily restless, O Krishna! It is impetuous, strong and difficult to bend. I deem it hard to curb the mind as the wind.

Krishna replies that the mind is truly restless and hard to restrain. But it may be restrained and the yoga of mediation attained by two disciplines :

1. abhyasa , constant practice; and

2. vairagya,dispassion, detachment, desirelessness.

This double divine discipline will break down and destroy the lower self – to which belongs the mind. Difficult is this discipline, but it is attainable by him who controls himself through properly directed energy.”

― The Gita Simplified ( The Bhagwad Gita: The song of the supreme) by Sadhu Vaswani

I had a insight some of my familial challenges are because of attachment. I am too attached to my  family. I love my family. Though not sure if they know it. I love family and school  perhaps most. I felt need to revisit  learning from the The Gita, venerable Hindu texts, master’s say   ” Attachment = Love +selfishness.” If we drop selfishness, it will be pure love. I guess it is detachment the wonderful path. In spiritual sense, “it’s pure love and accepting the other as they are”..

I always worry about my sister, brother and mother. Though they are all competent and independent. I realised it’s my attachment that’s creating some commotion. So am practicing detachment in spiritual sense ( not the literal sense).

Some pictures as reflect…


This is neighbourhood coffee shop. I feel constant need to learn and course correct. My learnings are my only guidelines. My tool kit : coffee, pocket note books, reading glasses, ball point pen.


I was worried about  sister and mom scolded me. I realised am too attached to  sister although she is married for three years now. She is eleven years younger than me, so may be my mind is still fixated that she is a child. ( In my mind have been a father long time ago, you see) She is smarter and has done well for herself. I realised am too attached to  her as a brother. I must  get detached in best way. The spiritual way. I also feel sad when mother scolds me. Iam so old. May be she is attached too. I don’t think my mother or sister reads my blog, so it’s okay 🙂


I write my notebooks as have coffee : It’s always same Espresso or cappuccino without sugar. My learnings are sacrosanct for me. I work on them sincerely. I have come to accept role of karma in life. Everything that has happened is  karma and my attitude towards work is of karma yoga ( selfless action). My experience of  life teaches me there is a karmic soul mate for us. I will try to write about Karmic life in another post..

I walk out of the coffee shop as a woman comes and sits near by. I sense something  instinctively and leave my books unfinished. I walk away. May be am wrong. May be not. My instincts are not too wrong..

Hope you have a lovely day my friends! Remember “attachment” is trouble, love should be “detached” in best sense of the word. Then it will be pure love.

Thank you!



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