Jared Leto Headlines Adweek’s L.A. Roundtable A-listers from the worlds of entertainment, agencies and tech talk creativity and convergence : James Cooper

21 Nov

” I don’t have those kind of rules in place. I basically get to do whatever I feel like doing, and that’s my job as an artist. When you think of the greatest things of all time, whether it’s advertising or whether it’s art, the word risk is somewhere in there, right? And if you’re paying attention to the rules, you’re not risking very much. So my job is to not follow rules, that’s the job of the artist. ”

― Jared Leto

This is my adolescent philosophy. I still believe there are no rules. Only possibilities.

I am older and not great as the Academy winner and musician. I would like to marry this philosophy with some thing structurally sound and long lasting. Marry ” risk and stability.” I somehow felt ” Half the world loves you and half the world hates you for no reason”. It depends on which side of the belief system one comes from : Risk or stability. Iam attracted towards the opposite. I always liked stability. I always admired education. I always liked midddle class values. I am what you call ” Sincere risk”. Iam very sincere and risk. Is it an oddity? 

I don’t think so. You can love and be a family person. You can study and also work. You can work in a new area and yet be succesful. Jared Leto is right . So one more quote from this interesting roundtable of creators, content and agency executives..

” I think it goes back to risk. When commercials stop being advertising, they can be art. And really at the end of the day if you’re making a great commercial selling a product that’s going to revolutionize our lives, that’s pretty fucking cool and amazing. And that’s 1984, that’s Apple, that’s the work of incredible minds and incredible craftsman, dreamers and technologists. So I’ve always loved advertising. When a lot of people were watching music videos, I was watching commercials and studying the cinematography and the care that was put into the editing and art direction. If we turn on the television or scroll through the Internet right now and we see banner ads and we look at commercials on YouTube or Facebook, we’d wanna puke our guts out because most of them are  so bad because they take such little risk.”

― Jared Leto

Jared Leto is a true Renaissance Man. Actor. Musician. Director. Entreprenuer.  The Academy award winner inspires me no end with his creative work.

I read this article because of Jared Leto and yes have a interest in marketing and that’s where would like to move hopefully next.  This is an interesting discussion on digital branding and concepts.

I leave you with a Jared leto query to other panelists..

” It is interesting, though, you have this wide-open world and people don’t take more chances. There are a lot of artists and celebrities who probably would want to work with you, but there isn’t the strongest bridge between some of you guys and the talent. People ask me all the time up north in tech for help or connections. I don’t get the sense that you guys are in tune with that how-to process, but there are definitely people out there who would be willing to experiment, and it’s a low, low risk as far as production and accessibility. I mean God, it used to cost a lot of money to do these things, right?”

There are a lot of good people out there…

I feel rational and spiritual can go together. ( For e.g am rational at work and spiritual in life) Science and art can go together. Risk and stability can go together. Love and marriage can go together. Me and work can go together 🙂

I also realised ” You must like the people you aspire to work with, you cannot be at odds ideologically… you must then like the people , you aspire to work with”. Does that make sense? Laterz..

This for today, hope you have a lovely day my friends! If you like Jared Leto, follow the link and read it anyway..

Thank you!

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