Nostalgia and Song..

19 Nov

I wanted to write another post. I ended up feeling nostalgic.  So decided to honor my feelings and post one of my favorite songs of growing years. We were in school when this song first came on a moviescreen.  This is a beautiful song from 1985 movie ” Lava.” This wonderful song ” Jeene de yeh duniya chaahe mar daale ” has three versions, a sad, a happy and duet. This is sung by one of great Indian singers Asha Bhosle and male voice is by Manmohan Singh. This is a fine composition by one of the greats of  Indian film music Rahul Dev Burman. The actors are beautiful Dimple Kapadia and Rajiv Kapoor. For movie : please see

The video perhaps carries all three versions and is almost a little movie. I love this song. It’s been one of my childhood favorites. I remembered it today..

I remember one of my school mates saying on social media ” I remember you as a little quiet boy”. I was small and used to sit in first two benches. I later grew taller in adolescence and am still quiet.  Jodie foster in a AFI tribute to Robert de Niro said ” When I was twelve years old a strange man kept coming to my hotel room every day, he would pick me  and he would take me to various diners ,  mostly he would order black coffee for himself and look very uncomfortable, Because ” God knows he was not about the talk.”….”. Jodie foster ofcourse went to say great things. I share one quality with great Bob De Niro, am quiet 🙂

I do talk when get to know people more or find something amusing. I dedicate this song to my school friends. It’s a memory which  makes me happy..

As for the song ” jeene degi ye duniyaa chaahe maar daale, jeene de ye duniyaa chaahe maar daale log hum niraale pyaar karnewaale..” ( May the world allow us to live, May the world allow us to die, us beautiful people, people in love..)

This is a love song. The world is never kind to lovers…

Some more lines from song ” woh bekaraari hai mushqil hai jeenaa bann jaa tu kaali ghataa o haseenaaa aa jaaye saawan ka rimjhim maheenaa aa bikhraa de zulfon ke baadal ye kaale
log hum niraale pyaar karnewaale
( Those anxious moments are so difficult to live, become a dark cloud my beloved and come as month of showers, spread your beautiful hair like those clouds, us beautiful people, people in love..)

My translation is rudimentary. I love this song. I love my school friends, this for them..

I want to share a little meditation before going..

”  Breathing in, Breathing out.

Breathing in, am aware of abdomen rising.

Breathing out, am aware of abdomen falling.

Breathing in, am aware of whole body

Breathing out, relax my whole body

Breathing in, aware of my heart.

Breathing out, aware of my heart.

Breathing in , aware of dwelling fully in present moment

Breathing out, I know this is a wonderful moment.

Breathing in , aware that am alive

Breathing out, I smile to life “

I had written this down in my  book. This is a guided meditation from Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh’s talks…

Do give it a try my friends! Hope you have a lovely day. Love and peace.

Thank you!




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