Act! Act! Act!

18 Nov

” Thy business is the deed alone, O knight!

And never with what return the deed may yield!

Let right deed be thy motive, not the fruit.

Do right for the sake of right, so live in deed!

Do thou deed with thy heart fixed on the lord,

Renounce attachment to the fruit, so be

Thou still the same in failure and in success!

Equilibrium, at-one-ment—that is yoga! ”

― The Gita simplified ( The Bhagwad Gita : The Song of the supreme : Sadhu Vaswani)

This is the supreme message of venerated Hindu texts ” The Bhagwad Gita”. The message is very good and celebrates ” Dynamic action and renunciation of results.”  If we divorce fruits of action from the act. Then the act becomes sacred. If we do the act fixated on the lord. It’s a sacrament.

When was young did not have  money but would visit stalls of A. H. Wheeler & Co on Railway stations to buy books on spirituality. These books and casettes would not be expensive. I would read and gift to my friend. ( That is how first came to know about Sadhu Vaswani and Sadhu Vaswani charitable mission.)

The more we think of consequence. Life get’s stressful. Live in the moment. I guess do your best, rest will follow..

Have a lovely day my friends!

Thank you!




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