Random thoughts

17 Nov

I couldn’t sleep and woke up listless.  The meds leave me weaker. Iam sincere and so do my resolved Isha yoga. I take a shower. I have to go for a pilgrimage in Dec. So mom has warned me no going out early morning or having tea before shower. I think should get back to green tea. The master had said ” The order of nature is such that things which seem seemingly unpleasant in the beginning are good for us eventually…”. The master dosen’t live my life. Never mind. My mom say’s ” go to temple today, today is …”. I listen to my mother now. It makes life peaceful. I feel sorry she cooks for us. I resolve will take up a new apartment and stay alone as the new work comes through. I do not want to burden my mom. Also a word for Israel and Palestine, if we me and my mom can cohabit happily, so can you 🙂

A poem:

Iam the  illegitimate good guy

They wrote my obituary

Between sixteen and seventeen

I have been legit since twenty – one,

All brave and above board

Seemingly talented told

My well wishers long  gone

My father and my beloved

You see , never had support

No support at work

None so in life

Iam a illegitimate good guy

My credit never went bonkers

Iam still legit, brave and not so old

Yes, Iam the  illegitimate good guy…

I dedicate these lines to my loving and truest supporters, my friends,  they have been splendid for last fifteen years.

Kalki Koechlin :

I like Kalki Koechlin. Ever since saw Dev.D. She is a fine actress and looks beautiful and elegant in my opinion. So I picked up the sunday papers and read a interview. A searingly honest interview. She says ” he will read an article and that will ruin his day. He will take it out on people the whole day. He is very affected by people and things around him. I used to tell him that the sky won’t fall if you switch off your internet for a day. You don’t have to argue with every banda on twitter. But he would get sucked into it and waste his energy on that and that would frustrate me. I could see it affect him in everything in his life, be it his work or our relationship. Twitter is just an example, but it could be anyone commenting. We live in an industry where everyone has views and they will judge you without knowing you and that is a frustration you will live with all your life if you don’t let go. I too used to get upset, but learnt quickly that you can’t get so affected by everything that is said.” She is ofcourse talking about the talented director and her husband. If you are like me and also like Kalki Koechlin : please see http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/Kalki-Koechlin-Anurag-and-I-both-love-each-other-very-much/articleshow/45158252.cms

I think she has a great point. We all judge each other on social media. Internet is such a boon for connections. But is also prey to easy judgements. Thankfully am not on Twitter. I do not intend to be anytime soon. I am on facebook and Linkedin. I joined social media just to connect with family, friends,school friends, colleagues and  like minded people. Kalki Koechlin is right and there is no need to get sucked into vortex of negativity and perception. I must say like blog very much.

This today, for me its blogging which is truest in expression and in democratic spirit of internet, for some it could be others ..

Have a lovely day my friends! Love and peace.

Thank you!












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