Elementary Zen

7 Nov

Elementary Zen :

Whatever you choose to begin

Give it one thought

The thought of ” completion.”

Whatever you choose to undertake

Give it one belief

The belief of ” I can.”

Whoever you love

Give it one emotion

The emotion of ” Unconditional love”

Horse before cart

Integrity  before intelligence

Method before madness

Method in the madness

Work  before results.

Love your work

Joy in work

Results  be results

Always fair..

Whatsoever be total

Drinking tea, only drink tea

Watering plants, only water plants

Morning breeze and chirping sounds of birds

Enjoy the breeze, feel in total

Listening only to chirping sounds of birds

If you like running, just run

If you like tennis, just be a player, enthusiast

If you like ping pong, just play ping pong, Susan sarandon later

If you like Susan sarandon, just like Susan sarandon…..:)

If you want to study, just study

If you want to marry, think hard and marry

If you like my poem, just tell me

What’s the matter …..:)

I am a  rhymeless warrior poet

I have a vision and a dream

I have precision and insight

I believe there are no rules

I know “one action”, ” one love”

My message is ” One task. Total attention. One love. Total love “

Will you join me….

I wrote in my little notebook yesterday ” I intend to write a book later. That will be the greatest book ever written by a troubled loving person.”  🙂

Till then, invite you my beloved friends to ” Love and Zen.”

I forgot one more thing. The great Bob Marley sang ” Live if you want to live/ Rastaman vibration, yeah! Positive !…..Got to have a good vibe! Iyaman, Iration, yeah! Irie ites! Woo-oo-ooh! Positive vibration, yeah! Positive!..) . This is the theme song of my little notebook.

So invite you my friends to ” Love, Zen and Positive vibration.”

Hope you have a lovely day dear friends!

Thank you!


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