This day ( 2 Nov, 2014)…

2 Nov

I had decided to attend a yoga session.  I had  done a   programme with Isha foundation some years ago. I have not been very regular with the practices and needed to re -engage and correct practices. Please see:

So woke up early and on my way to Isha session saw morning runners. They seem to be my first love. Men and women running around seven in the morning. They always make me happy. I had decided needed stillness in my life. Hence the longing to re-engage with yoga and meditation. This is is the only yoga programme had attended. Before that we had a yoga teacher and classes in school way back when. We were innocent then and not much into the merits of this philosophy and if memory serves me right, our yoga teacher would mostly make us sleep in ” Shavaasana.” The Corpse Pose. Our teacher would say ” Aanken Bandh”. Close your eyes . One of my friends would say ” kam chalu ” . The work begins. A duster would follow the sound. Boom 🙂

Isha is my only serious encounter with yoga. I think its useful. I spent two and half hours in the session which included a guided meditation. I felt calm and serene. I came home and my mother told me that need to visit sister.  We went to my sister’s place. My mother is my sister’s best friend. My sister had told me its same for all girls after a stage. I think its true. I guess daughter – mother relationship is truest relationship. Perhaps greatest relationship. There is no parallel. My ambition is to be a good father. I had a good father. So think me too will be a good father.  So we had lunch togther. I think time with family is important. Because it’s only family who stands by you in all situations. I should know. Good friends also do. Family has always been my focus.

I spent my time reading extracts of the wonderful memoir ” And Then One Day ” by great Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah. I had done a post earlier ” Master’s take – In conversation with Naseeruddin shah”. Please refer earlier post. The book is delightful. I hope to read the full book soon.


” I was born in Barabanki, a small town near Lucknow, in july of the year 1949 or may be it was August of the year 1950. No one including Ammi ( Farrukh Sultan, my mother) was later ever quite sure which. Her saying ” tum ramzaan mein paida hue thhe” wasn’t much help in figuring it out either. Small pox then was a scourge, typhoid a killer, malaria and cholera rampant. Children often never made it out of their infancy, or more frequently lost a year or two on falling ill or on failing thier final exams; so a child’s date of birth was invariably amended, and registered at school time as being a year or two later than it actually was. To provide for either eventuality or perhaps simple absent- mindedness made Baba ( Aley Mohammed Shah, my father) register my year of birth as 1950. Why July 20th was altered to August 16th, however, is a mystery and I’ve have had quite a bit of fun with the wise ones who took it upon themselves to figure out my astrological chart. Consequently, Iam whichever age it suits me to be on any particular day. While it dosen’t make me feel a whole lot younger, it just seems like something to do. ”

― Naseeruddin shah ” And Then One day ”

This is the opening paragraph of the first chapter. One can see there is minimal editing and its written in a spoken speech and carries master’s true authentic voice…. I was hooked.

I will write more as finish reading the book. This was my little day today, yoga, sister and great actor’s book…

Goodnight my friends! Hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you!



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