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Ennio Morricone :The Ecstasy of Gold

30 Nov

I want to share one more Ennio Morricone composition for you dear friends. “The Ecstasy of Gold” is a composition by the great Italian composer for the film “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.” Please see how the soprano Susanna Rigacci and the orchestra hit a crescendo and it does feel like a Western.  Music must be god’s way of talking to each other and music heals..

What else did I do? I saw Mahesh Bhupathi promoted Premier Tennis League matches on television. I saw Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray playing together. The concept seems exciting and was a good match. So a good start to IPTL.  Hope you like the music my Friends! Have a easy sunday!  Thank you!


Ennio Morricone : Gabriel’s Oboe (The Mission) and Main Theme from Cinema Paradiso

29 Nov

I want to share two beautiful pieces of music ” Gabriel’s Oboe ( The Mission) and ” Cinema Paradiso” by great Italian composer and conductor Ennio Morricone. Ever since first listened to ” Nella Fantasia ” have been fascinated by great composer’s work. Iam not compete enough or qualified enough to comment on the composition or composer’s works. Most notably western’s. I often wonder, how it must be to be a cello player? How it must be to be a violinist ?  How it must be to be a trumpeter?  How it must be to be a soprano ? I would imagine, it must be wonderful.

I very much want to share a stunning clip of Jeremy Irons playing  “Gabriel’s Oboe ” from the  1986  Roland Joffé movie ” The Mission”. This composition by Ennio Morricone is sublime. Hope you like it my friends. A little payer ” If man is a soul and soul’s longing is sublime, am content and sometimes satiated with music, literature and thee. If man’s needs are intellectual, am happy with what my mom and dad gave me. I can read, write and study. I am grateful to thee. If man must be  healthy and active, am no laggard and a slacker, me run and bike and walk. I am grateful to thee. Now must pray to god’s and god’s material, If man’s needs are material , do not forget me,send me flesh and food and my fortune. I worship thee and I bow 🙂

Hope you have a lovely day my friends! Thank you!

The ground..

28 Nov

Yesterday was a sad day. Cricketer Phillip Hughes passed away. Certain things in life had left me stupefied. I was sad and drained. I decided to hit the ground. The ground and the temple are my salvation. I decided to go for a ten lap run. It’s been a while had gone to ground. Iam usually on the road on a bike. I just needed to let go a lot yesterday. I decided carrying from my study of Hindu texts. This run too would be a surrendered action to lord. Lord Krishna! Thus so thought and always have a ideation or a goal (  “To give, not grab.” or a ” Lap to someone whom love.”, ” lap to my father’s friend my running hero” etc ). You see it’s my salvation. I had to go.

The ground

After seven laps halted and asked a good person to take a picture. I made friends with two kids who were stellar in their goal keeping drills. Every time  would pass by, the football would come to me ” to retrieve or hit”. It took my mind off. It made me happy for an hour. It get’s dark early and walked away after ten laps. I did some stretching stuff my father’s friend had guided me. I remembered  “a good person had approached me once saying you have your own set of exercises “. I realised have forgotten sequences now. I remembered few and walked away happily for a moment.

I reached home hoping to forget the tenor of day and thought would sleep early. But no the dark sombre mood continued. I remembered my friend whom have not spoken for a year. My worst detractors would tell you ” Am not a bad guy..”. I remembered other things, could not sleep..

Iam saved by temple and ground some days. It was the ground yesterday. The lesson ” more initiative..”

Hope you have a lovely day my friends!

Thank you!

Phillip Hughes

28 Nov

I will do two posts today. I generally have an idea of  ” subject” and it’s always what have felt ” A day before ie yesterday”. In a way blog is a chronicle and also  little take on life. Yesterday was a sad day! I was deeply saddened by injury to cricketer Phillip Hughes. I was worried and asked my mother who was watching a regional news channel ( my native malyalam) as saw the news appear. She confirmed that cricketer has passed away. I felt very sad. He was all of 25. I just felt incredibly sad. I had seen an innings of Phil Hughes when Australia had toured India last and he had played a gutsy innings. That’s all remember. I pray may the good soul rest in peace. May god give courage and strength to his family and loved ones, to his team and his nation.

Philip Hughes

My study of Hindu Texts ” The Gita” teaches me that man is a Atman ( The Soul) and not the body. The soul is imperishable. It knows no beginning and no end, no birth and no death. The Atman, the self, eternally is.

I will remember you Phillip Hughes.

Thank you!

Sania Mirza

27 Nov

” She has been a role model to many children, including girls to break barriers and strive for their goals in life and career choices. She has used the spotlight on her professional success to highlight social issues that are of concern for many Indians, speaking out on issues such as the need to halt the practice of female foeticide and the decreasing sex ratio in India. ”

― UN Women

I concur. I believe Sania Mirza has been one of the most important sports persons to come from India. Perhaps only next to Sachin Tendulkar in terms of societal impact. Sania is a stellar example of possibilities for a girl child. She is an achiever, intelligent and fearless. Extremely articulate and charismatic, she is a change agent. I find her commitment to nation exemplary as she fitted Asian games in a busy calendar winning a gold medal in mixed doubles and a bronze in women’s doubles. Then went on to win WTA  doubles Finals 2014 in Singapore with Cara Black. Not to mention US Open Mixed doubles 2014 with Bruno Soares. I believe she can have as much impact in Asia as Li Na. Sania Mirza is a fine role model for young girls everywhere most notably for South Asia.  No wonder Sania Mirza was appointed the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the South Asian region by UN Women. A fine choice and a true change agent.

” Sania, India’s most successful women’s tennis player and the first Indian to break into the World Tennis Association’s top 50 rankings, is the first South Asian woman to be appointed the goodwill ambassador in the organisation’s history.

“My role is a very important battle that I will fight off the tennis court for gender equality. Gender Equality is what I believe in,” the ace tennis player said. In her capacity as the goodwill ambassador, she intends to educate women about gender equality. ” Please see for more :

I think one of the good things of doing a post on Sania Mirza, you don’t have to write much, she is so articulate that her “quotes” are enough. So to quote Sania..

” My role is a very important battle that I will fight off the tennis court for gender equality. Gender Equality is what I believe in.”

” To that effect, there is an urgent need to change this mindset. Women must be made aware that they are equal to men. ”

” Equality depends on each and all of us. From the government that changes its laws, to the company that advances equal pay and equal opportunity, to the mother and father who teach their daughter and son that all human beings should be treated equally, to the athletes who demonstrate equality and excellence.”

” It inspires me to work harder towards a level playing field for women. Gender equality in sports as well as using sports to advocate for gender equality in communities is essential.”

Source :

” Yes, it is difficult to be a Sania Mirza in this country.I think a lot of controversies that I had faced in my career was because I am woman. Had I been a man, I could have avoided some of the controversies.”

” I think for more women to come into sports (in India), the culture needs to be changed. Government is getting involved and I guess that is going to change a lot of things. Our current Sports Minister, Mr Sarbananda Sonowal supports women sports a lot and I have personally seen it.”

” I am happy that the government is also opening up and speaking about the gender inequality that is present in our society. And the fact that they are trying to do something about it, speaks volume about it.”

” We need a cultural change and I hope media takes the responsibility, too. Media has the biggest voice, they can and should make a difference.”

” Gender equality is something we all advocate. Some speak about it, some don’t. I have chosen to speak about it. I hope one day everyone will say that we are equal and women are not treated as objects. I will try and do everything I can to bring about a change.”

” Women’s safety is something that has been going on. Nirbhaya case had opened our eyes. Not that it was the first case that had happened, but a lot of people woke up to ‘what’s going on’ ”

” Women face discrimination. They are treated like animals and it is not right. The thinking needs to be changed. Mentality needs to be changed. Men must understand that women also go out to do their work just as they do. But even women have to realise their own worth,”

Source :

― Sania Mirza

I first read about Sania Mirza when she was a very young girl winning  junior  titles. She was always a great talent. I think her impact goes beyond sport and who knows one day she might become a parliamentarian or a minister. I think she is a tour de force.

As for tennis, Sania has had a superlative year: US Open mixed doubles, US open womens doubles semi- finals, WTA  Finals women’s doubles, Asian games gold in mixed -doubles and  Asian games bronze in womens doubles. For more on Sania’s year and career :–Diary-of-a-great-year.html

She said recently  “I am definitely looking for that women’s doubles Grand Slam. I have won the world championship now, have won the mixed doubles title three times. I am definitely looking forward to a women’s doubles Grand Slam and, hopefully, that happens before I stop playing”

I am sure she  will win many more slams and women’s doubles slams. I have no two doubts..

Some pictures:

sania mirza 1

Sania at Asian games guess. She has won 14 medals for India, six of them gold in  Asian games, Commonwealth games and Afro- Asian games. I think she will win a Olympic medal too..

sania mirza 2

Sania supporting Prime minister’s cleanliness drive. Swatch Bharat campaign..

sania mirza 3

Beautiful and talented, more importantly a true voice..

All images ( Source) : Please see,

I think Sania Mirza will be a great United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the South Asian region.

I hope every girl child gets inspired by Sania Mirza. I dedicate this to every one who has daughters, sisters and to those parent’s who are doing a fine job of bringing up their children..

Have a lovely day my friends.

Thank you!

ATP Rankings and pictures

26 Nov

2014  year- end Emirates ATP Rankings Top 10 :

  1. Novak Djokovic (SRB) – No. 1 for the third time in four years, finishing in the Top 3 for the eighth straight year
  2. Roger Federer (SUI) – Oldest year-end No. 2 (at 33 years of age), finishing in the Top 10 for the 13th straight year (tying Ivan Lendl). Andre Agassi  and Jimmy Connors  (16) hold the record for most Top 10 finishes
  3. Rafael Nadal (ESP) – A three-time year-end No. 1 and the third left-hander – after Connors (16) and John McEnroe (10)  – to finish in the Top 10 for 10 straight years
  4.  Stan Wawrinka (SUI) – Finished in the Top 10 for the second season in a row at a year-end high of No. 4 after winning his first Grand Slam title ( Australian Open), first ATP World Tour Masters 1000 (Monte -Carlo Rolex Masters) and first Davis Cup trophy for Switzerland
  5.  Kei Nishikori (JPN) – First Asian to finish in the Top 10 and the first player to debut in the year-end Top 5 since Andy Murray in 2008. He was also the first Asian male to reach a Grand Slam final, at the US Open  (l. to Cilic), and first Asian player to compete at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals (his semi-final match against Djokovic, on 15 November, was watched by 10 million viewers on TV Asahi between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. local time in Japan)
  6.  Andy Murray (GBR) – Seventh consecutive finish in the Top 6
  7. Thomas Berdych (CZE) – Fifth consecutive finish in the Top 10
  8. Milos Raonic (CAN) – First from his country and first player born in the 1990s to finish in the Top 10.
  9. Marin Cilic (CRO) – Made the biggest jump from year-end 2013 ranking of No. 37
  10. David Ferrer (ESP) – Second-oldest Top 10 finisher (at 32 years of age), ending the year in the Top 10 for the fifth year in a row and sixth time overall “

Source : Please see

Novak Finishes No.1 for third time  and will end up as one of the greats to play sport along with Federer and Rafa by the time he calls it a day. Roger Federer almost won Wimbeldon this year and has had a stellar 2014 capping with Davis Cup victory. The Legend continues and will most likely win a slam in 2015. Rafa my favorite sports icon has been riddled with injuries and will surely come stronger as ever and win slams in 2015. Greatness  beckons Rafa. Federer has been in Top 10 for 13 years, Rafa for 10 years and Novak 8 years. They  have been that unbelievably good.

The other favorite of mine David Ferrer tirelessly fights every time and finishes in Top 10 for sixth time. Nevermind age is only a number. I pray he wins a slam as a tribute to that grit and consistency.

Andy Murray the other Big 4 has already been in Top 10 seven times. He will hope for a better 2015 and more slams. I guess coach does make a difference.

Stan Wawrinka, Marin Cilic and Kei Nishikori have all had  breakthrough years. Stan the man winning Australian open and Davis Cup, Cilic winning US open and  Nishikori reaching US Open finals and breaking into top 5. I am super impressed with Nishikori and he will win a slam in future, that would be a great day for Asia. Like the great Li Na.

Thomas Berdych has been a good player for a long time and finishes for fifth time in Top 10. I guess should make that leap in 2015 with a slam.Milos Raonic will surely win slams going forward and is doing his country so proud along with Bouchard.

Some pictures..

roger feder rolan garros

Roger Federer at Davis Cup. What can I say, there is no barometer for greatest of greats..

swiss team roland garros

The handsome Swiss team with Davis Cup. Mighty individuals, new force as a team..

french team roland garros

The french team at Davis Cup. Thought had a great team..

novak roland garros

Novak winning ATP Tour finals.  World No. 1 for three times in four years, so by far the best player in the world..

paris roland garros

Paris!! A picture from Roger Federer’s facebook page . My sister visited Paris once ( when she was working with HSBC) and bought me a watch. I would so love to see this great city of culture, fashion and sport.  I hope so..:)

rafa roland garros

Rafa at the time of surgery. Wait 2015 and Rafa will be the force again, my favorite sports person..

All images ( Source): Please see,

I enjoy posting sports images. I like photo journalism. A picture tells so much more than words..

This for today. Hope you have a lovely day my Friends . You know ” can never spell ” Friends ” and ” against” right for some  strange reason, have to always use Google..” My blogging trivia..

Thank you!



Reflection ( Attachment and me )

25 Nov

” Arjuna asks: “Master! The yoga of meditation thou hast declared to be the yoga of equanimity ( sama yoga). I do not see that I can ever attain to this yoga; for I find that the mind is restless, full of agitation, turbulent, strong and obstinate. To restrain it is as difficult as to curb the storm ( Vayu).”

This yoga which thou hast declared to be by equanimity, O krishna! I see not a stable foundation for it, owing to restlessness. For the mind is verily restless, O Krishna! It is impetuous, strong and difficult to bend. I deem it hard to curb the mind as the wind.

Krishna replies that the mind is truly restless and hard to restrain. But it may be restrained and the yoga of mediation attained by two disciplines :

1. abhyasa , constant practice; and

2. vairagya,dispassion, detachment, desirelessness.

This double divine discipline will break down and destroy the lower self – to which belongs the mind. Difficult is this discipline, but it is attainable by him who controls himself through properly directed energy.”

― The Gita Simplified ( The Bhagwad Gita: The song of the supreme) by Sadhu Vaswani

I had a insight some of my familial challenges are because of attachment. I am too attached to my  family. I love my family. Though not sure if they know it. I love family and school  perhaps most. I felt need to revisit  learning from the The Gita, venerable Hindu texts, master’s say   ” Attachment = Love +selfishness.” If we drop selfishness, it will be pure love. I guess it is detachment the wonderful path. In spiritual sense, “it’s pure love and accepting the other as they are”..

I always worry about my sister, brother and mother. Though they are all competent and independent. I realised it’s my attachment that’s creating some commotion. So am practicing detachment in spiritual sense ( not the literal sense).

Some pictures as reflect…


This is neighbourhood coffee shop. I feel constant need to learn and course correct. My learnings are my only guidelines. My tool kit : coffee, pocket note books, reading glasses, ball point pen.


I was worried about  sister and mom scolded me. I realised am too attached to  sister although she is married for three years now. She is eleven years younger than me, so may be my mind is still fixated that she is a child. ( In my mind have been a father long time ago, you see) She is smarter and has done well for herself. I realised am too attached to  her as a brother. I must  get detached in best way. The spiritual way. I also feel sad when mother scolds me. Iam so old. May be she is attached too. I don’t think my mother or sister reads my blog, so it’s okay 🙂


I write my notebooks as have coffee : It’s always same Espresso or cappuccino without sugar. My learnings are sacrosanct for me. I work on them sincerely. I have come to accept role of karma in life. Everything that has happened is  karma and my attitude towards work is of karma yoga ( selfless action). My experience of  life teaches me there is a karmic soul mate for us. I will try to write about Karmic life in another post..

I walk out of the coffee shop as a woman comes and sits near by. I sense something  instinctively and leave my books unfinished. I walk away. May be am wrong. May be not. My instincts are not too wrong..

Hope you have a lovely day my friends! Remember “attachment” is trouble, love should be “detached” in best sense of the word. Then it will be pure love.

Thank you!