My freind and me..

26 Oct

I had a good morning today. I went for a run. It is one of the possibilities that want to create everday. Iam happy and improving everyday. I came back and wanted to do a post on Jared Leto. I had read a business article and was impressed. Then the phone rang ” Bhaiya ( Brother), how are you and where are you”. It was a familiar voice and I asked him ” Are you in town?” . It was my friend Bhaskar. He lives in other town. We decided to meet for a coffee and possibly lunch. We share a good connection.  I hope to do a Jared leto post tomorrow. To go with flow of day, my friend and me today, some pictures..


My friend Bhaskar. We met first when he was a student.  I shared my bit. We realized there is a connection and became friends. He is a banker.


Me today. The weather is little cold but pleasant. Iam learning to smile, may be its because of my friend..


Iam from a different generation. He is extremely respectful and  a good thinker. I was happy when he made  the transition and is a banker  with a public sector bank. We last met when he had come visiting prior to his marriage, we went together and bought his wedding suit. We don’t get to meet as often as he lives and works in a different city.  He will be a dad soon. I like my friends journey. It’s been a determined journey. I wish him very well.


Slowly will learn to smile. Not quite yet, work in progress 🙂


It was a good and pleasant day. I had coffee with my friend. We could catch up on our lives. We get along well.  We had Rajasthani meal. I dropped him to Bus stand. Hopefully we will meet soon.

To be honest, do not have friends here, my close friends live in other cities, they are very kind to me.

I share a connection with them and my promise is to meet them atleast once in a year. Twice would be delightful.

It’s a  pretty solitary life here, not that don’t know people, may be its me, am shy …

Also honestly do not wish to meet people who talk ” loosely or gossip “..

I have nothing against anyone, stay away from toxic,  may be its pride, may be its dignity..

I just want to do good work. Iam aching to do good work. I want a family of my own.

My dream is a loving family. Friends with whom share a connection.  I love school and teachers.

I realised create only three of ten possibilities which wish to create every day. I have a long way to go..

Have a lovely day my friends! May be we meet sometime too , for a coffee, for lunch.. 🙂

Thank you!



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