My brother and me

22 Oct

We had to attend a wedding reception last night. They are never easy for me. My mother meets her friends. I play with children. My brother and me are almost alone. He never allows to take a picture. He relented half heartedly. This is my brother and me last night.

Satish 1

He refuses to be photographed. I caught him unguarded.

Satish 2

He had gone near Shamiana of the Club, where reception was being held, took a picture. He refused to acknowledge me.


Me at old government club. My father was a government servant and so were most of his friends. It is only now the second or third generation work for information technology Industry. Like a Desi Harrison ford who grew up across my building came and spoke to my mother and said to her ‘ all right” while leaving, me wanted to silently scream ……….. I never wanted to be middle class. I would  rather be rich or cattle class, right Mr. Tharoor 🙂

My brother and me:

The First act started promisingly

We were children and in school

He was six years younger

I would drop him in classroom everyday

You see was always a loving brother ..

Never mind the act was nice like a blue sky

Somewhere contours of the act changed

Dark, Darker, Darkest, Destiny,

It’s been a  deep long struggle

Difficult more for him, difficult for me

We made it haltingly,courageously, gracefully

We are naive in worldly matters

We have an experience of another kind

Never mind we are hoping for a better second act

I believe in both destiny and free will

I believe free will is to undo or unclock clasp of destiny

I do not believe they are not mutually exclusive

I believe both of us are in free will stage

Unlocking our own little place or being

The verdict may be better this time

I wish him a good woman and love

Never mind we are really striving for a better second act

The third act, the  master says is difficult for all

The master is wrong for once and is having a great third act

I think third act will be best for my brother and me

This is my faith and we will grow older gracefully

This is my conviction for we have payed our dues in First act

We hope so, never mind, we are striving for a good second and third act…

I love my brother. His name is Satish. My father had a younger brother too. Now I see so much of our lives are intertwined and similar, never mind we are both children of destiny and free will. I believe we are all children of destiny and free will. I really believe so.

Willem Dafoe  in a AFI tribute to great Martin  Scorsese had said ” I am reminded of a line from a play which have done for many years, Chekhov’s three sisters,  colonel Vershinin in act four makes a little small talk to Olga and say’s ” We must learn to join love of work with the love of higher things, musn’t we? ” “

Well, that is all of our aspiration. My brother likes to read. So I bought him Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Jack Kerouac to read. All we aspire to do ” join love of work with love of higher things”…

Happy Diwali my friends! ” May all your acts be beautiful and may you always be healthy and loved.”

Have a lovely day!

Thank you!


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