Work ( Resume)

21 Oct

” I think work is very important. Work has the same quality regardless of what it is, it is the place where  you locate your self respect, it is the place where you refine your own character and it is the place where you make a living. So all those three elements are involved in any activity of work. And after a while, it dosen’t matter: whether if its for yourself or for somebody else. It is the work. It is the urge to do it. It is the necessity to work. ”

―  Leonard Cohen ( Interviews by Vera Kvaal, 1988)

Leonard Cohen is ofcourse talking about writing and whether he writes for himself or others. He says its work. It is the necessity to work. I concur. I feel the same way for blogging. It is the necessity to work. I feel the same about regular jobs. It is the necessity to work.

I had happily made a list of ” possibilities” to create in my phone diary, top of the list was ” True Career and work that love” , ” True love, soulmate, marriage”, ” Loving family and children”, ” To make mother proud”, ” Blogging, writing, public speaking”,  ” Good health, running, biking, swimming, tennis” etc

True Work seems to be like True Love. What is True Work ?

Iam interested in many things working with customers, international business, talent management..

Let me borrow from my Linkedin Bio :

” Aspire to work in international business. Generalist with startup experience in human resources,talent management,consulting and customer engagements.Naturally customer centric and thoroughly experienced in working with multinational companies and Fortune 500 customer engagements.Versatile learner with rich interviewing experience.Personally reviewed 3000 candidates across roles for leadership and start -up teams in India.

Professional highlight:

• Leadership & initial start- up teams in India –, Inc. ( 2005 -2006)
• Leadership & initial start- up teams in India – RM plc. ( 2002 -2003)
• Consulting – British Government’s trade mission to India ( 2003 – 2004)
• Engagement – Canadian government’s IT Mission. ( 2002)
• General management – A StepStone ASA company ( 2005 -2006)
• Human resources – Assignments and advisory mandates for companies.( 2006 – 2012)

Most driven by entrepreneurism, creativity and helping others. An avid blogger, please do reach me:

Disclaimer : Please note will share references and referee’s for work done ,no papers please ,work is largely marquee customer engagements and assignments for multinational companies. Thank you! ”

Source :

Please connect with me on Linkedin.

Resume :
Suresh V Nair resume – pdf

This is the first time sharing my resume on blog. It is the necessity to work. Iam looking for new work. True work..

I realised ” True work” or a ” True vocation” is the most important thing in human condition. It need not be defined by resume. It need not be limited by history. It is a new possibility. I hope to create new possibilities.

Have a lovely day my friends! I want to work and keep on Blogging. For me both is work. The urge to do it. The necessity to work. I have always worked with love and discipline. If you could spread the word, would be grateful 🙂

Thank you!






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