Leonard Cohen Interview : Stina Dabrowski ( 2001, Part 2)

19 Oct

As one continues with second part of  Leonard Cohen interview series  with Stina Dabrowski, want to share as went biking yesterday night, it started raining  heavily, couldn’t stop, couldn’t halt,as is my wont  just pushed ahead on my usual route, realized ” How hard it is to bike in heavy rains and secondly with will power you could pretty much face everything ( even if its heavy rains and you have to peddle back home).” My humble tidbits from yesterday.

More from the interview :

” I may be too dishonest to keep an honest diary, but I’m not too shy! One is struggling with that all the time, especially in this kind of work, because there’s – every writer learns certain tricks, so that’s okay, there’s certain techniques and tricks that you have, but… and maybe you can fool others but there’s a certain, there’s a certain… you can’t fool yourself in these matters, and you don’t want to fool yourself, so you keep digging for the authentic tone. But “liar”, of course, you can’t – it’s unfair to present yourself socially with brutal honesty. It’s like if someone asks you “How are you?” – and you tell them! You know, they don’t – it’s unfair to tell people how you are! ”

” The time that I grew up, psychological profiles were not fashionable. You just followed orders, more or less, and whatever you could do on the sly you did. But it was a pretty disciplined kind of existence when I was a kid. There wasn’t the kind of youth rebellion that we see today, and authority and parental control were very strong, and nobody cared what your inner condition was as long as your shoes were underneath your bed in the right way… yeah. No, we weren’t close to our parents, we didn’t really discuss our inner condition with our parents. It was a very wise kind of upbringing, it didn’t invite self-indulgence. ”

” I’m very happy these days because my daughter, who lives in the same house as I do, she has two dogs. And I love dogs and she’s brought two dogs into my life, it’s really wonderful, and I play with them every day and teach them tricks. ”  ( Daughter’s dog’s)

” I had a Scottie, Scottish terrier. His name was, my mother named him, Tovarich, “comrad”. We called him Tinky. And yes, a very – I guess the closest being to me during my childhood. The dog would sleep under my bed and follow me to school, and wait for me. So that was a great sense of companionship.” ( On childhood Dog)

” Yeah, it’s a curious reputation, very inaccurate. I have, er, there are a lot of women in my life, certainly. Somehow I appreciate the competence of women, I like the way women work, so I find myself working with a woman engineer, a woman co-writer, my manager is a woman…” ( Ladies man reputation..)

“Ah, um, more selfless, not so much – Less ego, not so much on the line. Or a more skilful negotiation with the ego. And also very quick, very very quick, which I appreciate.( easy to work with women)

“I didn’t try to kill anyone. I felt I got creamed, in a certain way. But everybody has that feeling of the disaster of the heart, because nobody masters the heart, nobody’s a real ladies’ man, or a love gangster, nobody really gets a handle on that, your heart just cooks like shish kebab in your breast, sizzling and crackling, and too hot for the body… so those descriptions of course are easy and a kind of joke, a kind of simple description, but I haven’t really met… I’ve known some men who have real reputations as ladies’ men and who are real ladykillers, and they don’t have a handle on it either. I don’t think anybody feels very confident in that realm, whatever level you’re operating. ” ( Death of a Ladies man ( 1977 album)

” Well the reputation was completely undeserved, for one thing. I don’t think my concerns about women and about sex were any deeper or more elaborate than any other guy that I met. That seemed to be the content of most people’s – you know, women are the content of men, men are the content of women, so everybody’s involved in this enterprise with everything they’ve got, and most hanging on by the skin of their teeth…as I say, nobody masters the situation, especially if it really touches the heart, then one is in a condition of anxiety most of the time. And even the great ladies’ men, and I’ve met some real ones – I’m not in their league. The sense of anxiety about the conquest is still very much there. Because in any case, the woman chooses.”

“I think the woman – the woman chooses. It’s been told to me that the woman chooses, and she decides within seconds of meeting the man whether or not she’s going to – give herself to him. In any case I think – in most cases the woman is running the show in these matters, and I’m happy to let them have it.”

― Leonard Cohen ( Interviews by Stina Dabrowski, 2001)

I concur in matters of heart,  the woman chooses..:)

Stina Dabrowski in this  part talks to Leonard about his liking for dogs and a reputation as a Ladies man , guess this is hint to 1977 Leonard Cohen album ” Death of a LadiesMan “..

I like Leonard Cohen’s analogy of  “heart” with “shish kebab” and he is quite right when he says ” nobody really gets a handle on that, your heart just cooks like shish kebab in your breast, sizzling and crackling, and too hot for the body. ”

And ” I say, nobody masters the situation, especially if it really touches the heart, then one is in a condition of anxiety most of the time. ” It is true.

Because in any case, the woman chooses 🙂

I have always felt children and women are best judge of people…. better than Google and men 🙂

Hope you have a easy sunday my friends!

Thank you!


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