Modern Mystics of India : Amma ( Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī)

17 Oct

” In fact, the most serious problem facing the world today is the pollution of the human mind and the increase in selfishness and cruelty. This is the root of all the others problems facing the world today. Everything in the world is changing—with one exception: our negative mental state! Our personality is a reflection of our mind. The ability of human beings to rise up to a situation and act is slowly disappearing. In the name of stability and competition, mankind is allowing their lives to be led by hatred, revenge and stubbornness.”

” In life, things rarely happen according to our expectations. This is why it is very important to develop the attitude of surrender to God. This will also help us to live in the present moment. If we learn to live in the present moment, we will be able to cheerfully accept any circumstance we may have to face in life. ”

” Only the present moment is in our hands. So, we must live in it joyfully, with alertness. It is said that the lifespan of a butterfly is only a few days to a week. Yet how joyously it flies around! It spreads delight and happiness to everyone. Our lives should become like this. ”

” We should develop a mind devoid of egoism—a mind that doesn’t fall apart in failure, a mind that finds joy in giving and accepts adversity with love. Such a mind will never experience sorrow.”

― Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Dev

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Every day as Amma embraces people, countless stories unfold – stories of grieving hearts healed, broken relationships mended, and hope restored. People say that spending a few moments in Amma’s arms can be a life-changing experience. Sometimes, it is also life-saving. Just this week, a young man on the verge of ending his life came to Amma and shared his heart with her. Amma’s advice to this young man holds out wisdom and hope for everyone who has ever felt like he did that day. Read on to get the full story and see what Amma told him:

During Amma’s visit to Munich, a woman brought her teenaged son for Amma’s darshan. Looking into the young man’s eyes, Amma asked him, “Sad?” His answer was plaintive: “I don’t want to live anymore.”

Amma’s eyes welled with compassion and she asked him to sit by her side. Amma asked him, “Son, why do you want to end your life?”

“Nothing I expected to happen in my life has happened,” he told Amma. “I feel like such a loser.”

Hearing this, Amma offered him the following words of advice. “My son, in life you can’t give up so easily. We are all unique in God’s creation and we each have a mission to fulfill through this gift of life. Life is never a bed of roses—not for anyone. Every single person who ever lived has had to go through ups and downs. Look at the life of Abraham Lincoln. He had to face so many setbacks in life as he tried to climb the ladder of success. But he had the never-say-die attitude that kept him going and finally made him a brilliant President of the United States. Had he given up after meeting with a few failures in his life, he never would have reached the top.

“Let us keep moving forward and never give up so easily. Look at an ant. There is so much we can learn from it. You never see an ant change its path because of the obstacle that it faces on its path. If you place a finger in the path of an ant, it will either climb over the finger, or try to go around, or try to find some space below the finger to move ahead. It always has the motivation to move forward towards the goal. This is the kind of attitude we need in life.

“Son, Amma knows you are sad because some of your desires have not been fulfilled. But you never know whether it would have been good for you in the long run had those desires been fulfilled. Experiences in life always have a message to convey to us. We will grow in maturity if we can understand the message that is being conveyed to us. Learn to accept situations in life and try to use them to grow in maturity. In life, we only have control over our actions and never over the results. Learn to invest more in the action, rather than in its results.

“Some people contemplate suicide when they have a broken relationship. It is totally foolish to entertain such thoughts. Maybe the other person has moved on, and you are on verge of putting an end to your life. The control of your life should be firmly in your hands. If somebody else dictates your happiness, it means that you are just a slave in the other person’s hands. Happiness is a decision. It is a firm decision that whatever happens in life, I will be happy and strong. Never hesitate to make this decision.

“You have such loving parents. Committing suicide would be such a grave injustice that you would be doing to them. It would leave a deep mark of grief in them for the rest of their lives. We have no right to impart this kind of suffering on them. Let us always remember that we should leave a positive mark on the world through our life and actions.

“My son, you do have the strength in you. We are not candles that need to be lit by somebody else. We are the self-effulgent sun. Never give up. Never.”

As Amma finished her advice, the young man’s face glimmered with hope and he smiled as he whispered, “Vielen Dank, Amma. You have saved my life. ”

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I read this piece and wanted to share for you dear friends. I thought these are true words. They can heal and give us a perspective . I have often wondered what would have happened if things in life had gone according to a plan?

Iam not a follower and have never met Amma. Iam interested in spirituality and mysticism. I try to learn from every mystic and realized master. I try to learn from every religion. I have been to a Catholic church retreat. I have been to mosque. I go to temples.  I have visted Gurudwara. I like Zen . I visit Hare Krishna temple. I like Amma’s message of Love. She embraces everyone my father had told me long ago. I like that. I think we must hug every one. My friend had taught me. It’s impersonal love. Everyone deserves and needs love.

I was not always like this. I was more attracted towards science and was a rationalist in my childhood. I only believed in science and scoffed at everything else. My father’s elder sister had told me  ” You are like your father. Your father in childhood would throw little stones in religious processions and hide for fun”. She had chided me laughingly long ago. Everything changed for me in my mid twenties. My personal failures and my father’s and brother’s illness shook me deeply. I could find no rational answers. I found all logic empty and with no direct realization in my life. The mystics that read could give me momentary peace. I took first step towards visiting temples in my late twenties. I found little peace. I found my own little army temple. I was still shy. I would go for twenty minutes everyday. Surrender made me feel better. Then I became open to all faith.  Now go and visit temples easily. I wonder why never visited temple as a child or a teenager or young adult?

I never had a problem with love. I had a resistance to organized religion. I found peace in  acceptance. That’s what evey faith teaches, love and acceptance…

Iam not dogmatic and my fundamental irreverence still exists and thus cannot become a follower nor do like proselytizing part of any sect, am not believer in that sense, am a believer of message …

I would love to meet Amma. I would like experience her energy. I would love to meet other mystics. I want to do a project on realized mystics of the world and bring the essence of all to everyone. I want to deconstruct spirituality and make it user friendly and easy for all..

Just like would love to do a project on ATP  and WTA players and share thier stories..

All sects have some controversy or other. Amma is no exception. I just focus on message and remain grateful.

Hope you liked ” Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s ( Amma)  message of love and acceptance dear friends”. Love and peace everyone!

Hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you!




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