Roger Federer

15 Oct

” In my dominant years, I didn’t have to adjust so much to opponents. Now -a-days I have to adjust more to my opponent. I think losing a bit more has opened my vision, my sight, of how I can manage those situations better and  and how I can stay calm under pressure. I was great under pressure back in the day, but I always felt I was going to win somehow, whereas that has changed. I have to fight more now. It’s almost more rewarding and a better feeling if you do win, coming through that way, having to change a bit. ”

― Roger Federer

I watched the telecast of Shanghai Rolex masters between Roger Federer and Gilles  Simon. By the time the match went to a second set tie -break knew Roger would win in two sets. I just got that feeling and stopped watching. I thought Simon played great and very good tennis. I guess its the belief and experience of being a champion that pulled Roger through is straight sets. Yes he was playing lot like Edberg. He is also looking little like Edberg.

Please see a report and match highlights :

Some pictures from Shanghai Rolex Masters..


”  I went from being a talented player to someone who could fight and win a match which I’m very proud about. You need to be able to back yourself. Dosen’t matter how long the match goes, how you are playing,you got to be ready. I haven’t had a cramp since 99. That was my only time in Davis cup, when I was panicky. I was young. I’m very proud of that, that I never pulled out, never had cramps,never lost very much because of fitness, especially later on in my career. I’ve been very fortunate and clever as to understand how I need to work, when I need to work, I am happy to have stayed injury- free for so long. ” ( On fitness)


”  I always played aggressive, but I’ve found some confidence this year moving forward. You have to be really aggressive and agile moving forward. If you look back at the tournaments I’ve played this year, many of them have been on faster courts, it wasn’t on purpose. Quick courts are encouraging for the all-round game and I like to see more of it. ” ( On chip  and charge, keeping points shorter.)


” Age can just be a number, but it can be relevant too. For some reason I really felt it when I turned 33 in August. I was like nooooo! Not 33! I was perfectly fine with 30,31,32, actually enjoyed it, didn’t feel anything at all, but this one….I was like, I don’t feel 33. My kids were super excited that there was a birthday party and all that, but for the first time, I didn’t really feel like celebrating my birthday, as in the part about getting older. A friend also told me that he felt the same when turned 33 which was about the same time as I did. I don’t know if the feeling is specific to 33. ”

” Still I’m very happy with what I’ve managed, that I can play the way I want to, stay relevant. I’m pleased that the hard work I put in last year is paying off. I’m feeling good.  I’m enjoying myself on the tennis court. This year everything is going really well. I have still so many highlights to look forward to for the end of the season. Usually everything slows down at the end of the season. Not for me, this time.”  ( On do you feel 33….)


” When  I walk out on a tennis court Iam very aware of everything. I notice everything. I know who is cheering for me ( which section of the stands), for my opponent. I notice when the crowd goes quiet, when they get excited. Like the fans here in China, they really get into the match. Like we saw in semi- finals ( agnaist Djokovic), they need a lot of good point -ending shots. They don’t like it when people miss so much. They get a bit uncomfortable. I feel the energy they generate.”

” Honestly for me that’s an honour and a privilege. Pressure is part of the package. When I was young, starting out, that is what i wanted to do, play on all the centre courts of the world, of course you dream of being no. 1 and winning Wimbeldon, but you also want to be on the courts at prime time. This is every player’s dream. Every match that I play now is on prime time and on centre court and I truly appreciate it. ” ( On fan following and pressure…)



Roger and guess this is Yao Ming, chinese NBA player, perhaps the only man who can dwarf him 🙂

All quotes : ”  Losses have opened my vision ” ( Prajwal Hegde, The Times of India, October 15,2014)

All Images :

Roger Federer gives great interviews. The greatest tennis player ever is having a fresh lease of life and is playing fantastic tennis. World No. 2 now and one felt lost Wimbeldon finals by a inch to Novak. I think Grand slam no.18 is very much possible in 2015. It dosen’t matter. I had seen Novak imitating Roger in a youtube video, which was like dancing strokes in mid- air. Novak is not only a great player but also a talented mimic. I feel he is right. Roger Federer plays like Mikhail  Baryshnikov of tennis, so fluid, so graceful and so strong. My favorite player is Rafa. That’s also my approach to life. I must say  ” there is no better tennis player to watch and no greater tennis champion than Roger Federer.”

Congragulations to Roger Federer for 23rd ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title, Shanghai Rolex masters and very well done Gilles Simon.

Hope you feel as inspired by the great champion as the humble self does and hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you!



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