Three little birds ( and little me..)

14 Oct

Another Genie and Three more wishes:

“ I want to buy a house for my mother and brother.

I want to be a  coaching staff of a  tennis player and a sports writer

I want to be with you. “

Three qualities:

” Love is all that have: everlasting, perennial, replenishable

Persistance is all that have: undying, tireless, relentless

Courage is all that have: truth, integrity, fearless “

Three goals:

” True work, make a difference, change the world

True love, soulmate, soulmate, soulmate

Loving family, children, your family, my family “

Three addictions:

“Education, learning, reading

Sports, running, biking, stadium

Spirituality, Temples, Zen, meditation “

Three cravings:

“Kiss,  A thousand kisses deep

Hugs, deep and warm, elixir of life

Love making, two souls, one being “

Three food :

Shish kebab, my heart sizzles like  shish kebab, my master taught me

Hyderabadi Biryani, like a good bride, wholesome and sumptuous

Anything served with love, cooked with love, given with love, pizzas will do, juices will do..”


Three life source:

“Good health

Fresh air and morning sun

You, family,friends”

Three musical artistes:

” Leonard Cohen

Sarah  McLachlan

Bob Marley”

Three mission:

” To play like Rafa

To write like Leonard Cohen

To change the world like Gandhi “

If ” Three little birds” from Bob Marley song could come to my door step and ask me ” Tell us your favorite three’s….” this would be my answer 🙂

I guess we could carry this series on another day too 🙂

Hope you have a lovely day my friends!  So, ” Don’t worry about a thing,’Cause every little thing gonna be all right.” ( Bob Marley)

Thank you!



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