7 Oct

My father’s friend met me and asked me ” I didn’t see you in morning ” . Every time he is in town, he never fails to pursue his favorite activity – Running. I  replied sheepishly ” I did come today after some days”.  I asked him ” How does he pursue running at our native place” . He made his base there and has houses here. He said ” Its rough terrain there but go to temple running and do the same returning back”. He told me ” It’s better here and took ten laps in the ground” . The ground is big and one lap is  more than 800 – 1000m. I was impressed. He told me ” 5 laps clockwise. 5 laps anti clockwise ” To balance the strain. He spoke to me about Stretching exercises. I was stumped. His children live abroad and spoke to me with enthusiasm about 10 mile race ran in San jose with his daughter and son -in- law and showed me the shoes with number tag 🙂

I have always deeply liked my father’s friend. He never judges me and is the only other man whom looked upto in life. He has been very kind to me and my family.  I told him ” I have taken to biking” . He liked it. He told me “its nice.” I asked about children. He told me about them. I too want to give some good news to my father’s friend. And God knows, have been waiting for a long time…may be my time will come, hope so 🙂

My Father’s friend is sixty seven. He is a brilliant runner. He is my inspiration. I told him so..

Some pictures with my modest bike at night today, went@ 9pm and came back by 10pm..

012 (2)

I use my brother’s bike. I am just about to go…

013 (2)

ditto here, the picture quality is bad, so took one more, not sure any better..

015 (2)

I look like an alien or a vampire, may be should have asked somebody on the street to click pictures..

My apologies picture quality is bad, nevertheless wanted to share, this is dedicated to my father’s friend, who inspires me to ” Run ” again….

My father’s friend, my inspiration!!

Goodnight my friends! Hope you have a lovely day! Thank you!


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