Every day poems (every day struggles )

5 Oct


I love you

I always did

I cannot afford hate

I suffered and no more

You suffered and  must no more

So, I love you my friend..


I woke up in middle of night

There was ” you” as before

My twenty year old beloved

Why now and why this night

What’s the message and what’s the learning

I have given up and never will understand subconscious

May be I love you all these years

So, I love you my friend..



Its a wonderful quality

Its integrity and honour

It works for the right cause

It works with right people

On its own sadly neutral

So, be dedicated to right set,

only to right values, to right people..

But, I love you my friend..


Acts of Love:

First act of love to water plants

Second act of love morning prayers

Third act of love elevated thought

Fourth act of love visualized goal

Fifth act of love go for a walk

First act of misery checking emails..

Second act of misery social media

But, I love you my friend..



I see my mother cook,

I feel sad and she has no rest

I dislike outside food

It gives me head ache.

What will i do?

I must find a soulmate

Who will teach me to cook

Who will bear my struggles

I will love her in return

I will lay the bedsheet

Arrange pillows and furniture

So, I love you my friend..


I believe ” we should try and live without malice and with a pure heart ” and ” Always love and see the light in others” because the alternative is no good..

So, I love you my friends..

Have a easy Sunday my friends!

Thank you!


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