Hummingbird & Flower ( National Geographic photo of the day)

1 Oct

” I never questioned if it was an art or not. I just questioned its importance to me, whether it was very important to me – my life-source, my source of living. I always had a great time with it. It brought me a lot of happiness, a lot of pain, and a lot of crazy times. I like that about it.” ( Is photography art to you?)

―( Bruce Weber, The Talks, 2011)

I want to share this beautiful picture of a Humming bird and a flower by Florian Kuster, National Geographic.


” This beautiful, coppery-headed emerald hummingbird had been dancing with this amazing flower in the Costa Rican highlands,” writes Your Shot member Florian Kuster. “His attitude, colors, and plumage were just sublime. One can see all the details of even the smallest feather despite the fast movement of the bird’s wings.”

Source :

How does one take a picture as beautiful and detailed like that ? It must be passion, precision perhaps.. I wouldn’t know, but can only admire..

I think its beautiful. I would wish to learn and explore photography. Its good for soul. Sometimes when go for a walk,  have seen  nature club enthusiasts leaning on a flower with their SLR Camera to capture a moment like above..

I always admired their passion though pondered their tripod stand SLR’s must be expensive..

I like photography. Its beautiful, zen and am afraid expensive 🙂

Hope you like this  National Geographic beautiful photograph of the day.

Have a lovely day my friends. I have been acutely feeling ” Man is a consciousness then a body and mind.”

Thank you!


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