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Deepak Chopra: Creating abundance ( 2008 )

31 Oct

” Success is a journey not a destination. Material abundance, in all its expressions, happens to make the journey more enjoyable, but success includes good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom and a sense of well being.”

― Deepak Chopra ( The seven spiritual laws of success )

I like this defination of success. It is holistic, real and love it.  I had visited my mother’s friend and found two daughter- in- law’s and a son at home, one of the son’s had two beautiful school going girls and other just had a five month old baby.  The whole family seemed a  delightful expression of joy and love. I think that is my defination of success. So my defination of success preferably includes a loving wife ( partner), two girl child, a loving mother in law,  sisters and more children. I always wanted a whole wholesome family. That is my idea of happiness. My dreams are then Italian like Godfather movie. Ofcourse also to be a good provider and want a job that love.

I had first read Deepak Chopra’s book ” Ageless body, timeless mind ” as a student in early nineties.  I remember had read the book along with my doctor friends. Deepak Chopra is a pioneer of a new spiritual thinking combining rational thought and ancient humanistic principles. I guess the best known Indian face in America.

I remembered seeing a NDTV series ” One life to love” and wanted to share this discussion with Deepak Chopra ” Deepak Chopra:  Creating abundance” ( 2008) for you dear friends. The amiable anchor is a well known  Indian writer and editor Simran  Bhargava.

Deepak chopra lays out a process for creating abundance:

Creating abundance : Broad steps

– Make time for silence to access a deeper conscious.

– Get clear on what you want to manifest in your life.

– Accept yourself completly with love.

– Shift your inner energy to gratitude.

– Hold the intention of what you want simulataneously let go of the outcome.

– Let the universe handle the details. ”

These are the master’s  steps to creating abundance. A more lay and drilled down version of above could be :

Creating abundance : drilled down steps

– Start stockpiling stillness. ( meditation, deep breathing, walk in nature, just be )

-Extreme clarity of what you want to manifest. ( See it, hear it, taste it, smell it, touch it ..)

– Mentally say to yourself ” I love exactly as Iam” (  Thank you God for making me exactly as Iam)

– Get your ego out of the way. ( Ego = edging god out)

– Feel gratitude. ( Feel all the love people have for you, good health, children, job, family…)

– Let go completely and all attachment to outcome. Be in a choiceless awareness. ( Let go of all holding, craving and grasping)

– The idea is to have complete attention and complete detachment in the same frame.

– Don’t get involved in details. Let the universe handle all details ”

― Deepak Chopra( Creating abundance ” One life to love”, NDTV , 2008)

Both Broad steps and Drilled down steps are same. I just broke it down for easier adoption and practice.

I have come to agree that ” Your circumstances exist, because of the way you feel ….”

So feel good. Feel happy and may all your dreams come true. I  just want to add one more thing, a Jim Carrey line ” “You can’t just visualize and go eat a sandwich.”. Take action 🙂

Have a lovely day my friends. Please follow the video link. I will be grateful for any experience, thoughts and observations. As always do not hesitate.

Thank you!




Mulla Nasrudin

30 Oct
1.  Mulla Nasrudin was applying for a job. “Does the company pay for my hospitalization?” he asked. “No, you pay for it,” the personnel director said. “We take it out of your salary each month.” “The last place I worked, they paid for it,” said the Mulla. “That’s unusual,” the personnel man said. “How much vacation did you get?” “Six weeks,” replied the Mulla. “Did you get a bonus?” the personnel man asked. “Yes,” said the Mulla. “Not only that, they gave us an annual bonus, sent us a turkey on Thanksgiving, gave us the use of a company car and threw a big barbecue for us each year.” “Why did you leave?” asked the personnel director. “THEY WENT BUSTED,” said Nasrudin.
2.  Mulla Nasrudin got on a double-decker bus and climbed to the upper deck. A few minutes later, he staggered down the steps, muttering to himself. “Is anything the matter?” asked the driver. “IT AIN’T SAFE UP THERE,” said Nasrudin. “NO DRIVER.”
3.  Mulla Nasrudin was chatting with his master who had taken up art. “When I look at one of your paintings, Sir,” he said, “all I can do is stand and wonder.” “Wonder how I do it?” asked the master. “No,” said Nasrudin. “WHY YOU DO IT.”
4.  A young man had just passed his examination for his private pilot’s license. He wanted to show off and persuaded the Mulla Nasrudin to go up with him. When they landed, the Mulla said: “Thanks for the two rides.” “What do you mean,two rides, Uncle?” asked the young man. “You had only one.” “Oh no,” said Nasrudin. “TWO. MY FIRST AND MY LAST.”
5.  Mulla Nasrudin and one of his friends were lying on the green grass beside a country road. Above them was the warm sun. Birds were singing in the trees. It was quiet, restful, and a peaceful scene. “Boy,” said the Mulla, “right now I would not change places with anybody not for a million dollars.” “How about five million, Mulla?” asked his friend. “No, not even for five million,” said the Mulla. “Well,” said the other, “how about one dollar?” Mulla Nasrudin sat up. “WELL,” he said, “THAT’S DIFFERENT. NOW YOU ARE TALKING REAL MONEY.”
6.  Mulla Nasrudin had just bought a dog and was bragging about his good points to a friend. “He is not what you would call a pedigree dog,” said the Mulla, “but no prowler could come near the house without him letting us know about it.” “What does he do?” asked the friend. “Bark and arouse the neighbourhood?” “NO,” said Nasrudin proudly,”HE CRAWLS UNDER THE BED.”
7. “This is a lesson in logic,” said the old professor in the teahouse. “If the show starts at nine and dinner is at six and my son has the measles, and brother drives a Cadillac, how old am I?” “You are eighty-four,” replied Mulla Nasrudin promptly. “Right,” said the professor. “Now tell the rest of the fellows here how you arrived at the correct answer.” “IT’S EASY,” said Nasrudin. “I HAVE GOT AN UNCLE WHO IS FORTY-TWO AND HE IS ONLY HALF NUTS, SIR.”
8. The situation was desperate. Mulla Nasrudin had been bitten by a rabid dog and the doctors were not certain that he had begun treatment in time to save him. After a consultation on the matter, they came into the room and told him the plain truth — that he might develop hydrophobia — that his chances were pretty bad. Instead of seeming to be upset at the news, Mulla Nasrudin asked for a pen and paper and began to write at great length. After an hour of steady writing, his nurse said to him, “What are you writing, Mulla? Is it your will or a letter to your family?” “NO,” said Nasrudin, “IT’S A LIST OF PEOPLE I AM GOING TO BITE.”
9.  A newspaper reporter was interviewing Mulla Nasrudin on his 99th birthday. As he was shaking hands to leave, he said, “I hope I can come back next year and see you on your 100th birthday.” “I DON’T SEE WHY YOU CAN’T,” said the old Mulla. “YOU LOOK HEALTHY ENOUGH.”
10.  A newspaperman was interviewing Mulla Nasrudin on his 105th birthday. He noticed that the Mulla was wearing a rabbit’s foot on his key chain. “You don’t mean to tell me,” said the newspaperman, “that a man of your experience still believes in that old and childish superstition? ” “CERTAINLY NOT,” said Nasrudin, “BUT MY WIFE: TELLS ME IT IS SUPPOSED TO BRING YOU LUCK WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IN IT OR NOT.”
I first read about Mulla Nasrudin in Osho’s books. I hope you like Nasrudin as much as I do 🙂
Good night my friends! Have a lovely day!
Thank you!

Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel #2 (1985)

29 Oct

I want to share a song. I thought about this song.  Chelsea Hotel #2 and the little story is always a favorite . But before that …

I met my father’s freind today for lunch. I spent time discussing  about his running. He told me to guess his age now. I refused smilingly. He persisted. I gave up. He told me he will be seventy soon. We don’t give a damn about age. He is such a terrific runner. I kept asking him more about the exercises and mechanics of running. He is near scientiffic in preparation. I gained more knowledge. He is my inspiration. I asked him about the first time ” he ran” and he replied ” It was perforce.”  He narrated a childhood incident of missing a bus from college and had to run 12 miles back because he was scared of dark and there was no method of communciating with home. We spoke more and me listened in admiration. I like my father’s friend immensely. I think he has better physique than Akshay Kumar 🙂

Then we visited a family.  My mother’s friend. I had grown up in front of them. I had not met them for more than a decade and half. My mother’s friend had not lost even a little bit of her joyous self.  She remembered my birthdate. I was silently grateful. I was meeting her after such a long time. She is incredibly funny and regaled all of us. I realised if you are a happy soul, your children grow up well, the whole ambience of home is delightful. So all you parents be happy okay. I insist.

Of course my mother scolded me after reaching home. How I wish…

Now the song.  I thought about sharing another song. But this is a wonderful song. Hope you like it and  the story..

Chelsea Hotel #2 : Leonard Cohen


Every concert that I give, I dedicate this song to a great American singer that I met one night in an elevator in a shabby hotel in New York City. It was a… it was a fine elevator. We found ourselves there often… I don’t, I don’t know what she was doing there. I think she was looking for Kris Kristofferson. I told her that I was Kris Kristofferson. But she said, “I thought he was bigger.” I said that I used to be bigger but I’d been sick. And we spent a little time together. And I loved the way that she sang… and she died for some odd reason, and sometime later, I think I was sitting at a bar in a Polynesian restaurant in Miami Beach–I don’t know what I was doing there, either… I have no program, I have no five-year plan. I just… (applause) It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have one! I just move from hotel to hotel, and from bar to bar, and by the grace of the One above occasionally a song comes, and I remember sitting at this particularly obnoxious Polynesian restaurant where they served a kind of coconut drink that was particularly lethal and sinister which contained no alcohol but a certain chemical that demoralized you entirely. And I remember writing on one of their very badly designed napkins, “I remember you well at the Chelsea Hotel…” , so I dedicate this song to one of the great singers, Janis Joplin.

Chelsea Hotel #2 :

I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel,

you were talking so brave and so sweet,

giving me head on the unmade bed,

while the limousines wait in the street.

Those were the reasons and that was New York,

we were running for the money and the flesh.

And that was called love for the workers in song

probably still is for those of them left.


Ah but you got away, didn’t you babe,

you just turned your back on the crowd,

you got away, I never once heard you say,

I need you, I don’t need you,

I need you, I don’t need you

and all of that jiving around.


I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel

you were famous, your heart was a legend.

You told me again you preferred handsome men

but for me you would make an exception.

And clenching your fist for the ones like us

who are oppressed by the figures of beauty,

you fixed yourself, you said, “Well never mind,

we are ugly but we have the music.”


And then you got away, didn’t you babe…

Ah you just turned your back on the crowd,

you got away, I never once heard you say,

I need you, I don’t need you,

I need you, I don’t need you

and all of that jiving around.


I don’t mean to suggest that I loved her the best,

I can’t keep track of each fallen robin.

I remember her well in the Chelsea Hotel,

that’s all, I don’t even think of her that often.

Source :

I want to thank  my friends who made the exception of thinking of me …

I pray you develop a childlike passion for some sport like my father’s friend, that is perhaps elixir of youth, hope you always remain happy and funny like my mother’s friend, you and your children will have great lives, that is perhaps elixir of life..

As for me ” I need you, I need you, I need you,..” 🙂

Goodnight my friends! Hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you!







28 Oct

” Last night I dreamed that I was a child out where the pines grow wild and tall
I was trying to make it home through the forest before the darkness falls

I heard the wind rustling through the trees and ghostly voices rose from the fields
I ran with my heart pounding down that broken path
With the devil snappin’ at my heels

I broke through the trees and there in the night
My father’s house stood shining hard and bright
The branches and brambles tore my clothes and scratched my arms
But I ran till I fell shaking in his arms ”

―  Bruce Springsteen ( My Father’s House )

I posted that will share my weaknesses today. I cannot hide in my father’s arms. He always accepted me. I have liked the honest path. Even if don’t know all the answers. Before that some incidents..

– My friend called me and spoke to me at length. It’s always nice to speak to a dear friend  who knows real you for a long time. He is a busy doctor in US and we could speak in his work – break time.  Then he said something  ” I think you and I have the same problem and we don’t take to authority very well.” This is starkingly true. This is my biggest weakness. More of that later.

– My mother gave me two Rosogolla ( Bengali sweet) instead of one in my bowl last night. I was surprised and kept staring at my petridish cum bowl. I realised she was rewarding me for good behaviour. I had not reacted to her scolding. Sometimes my mother makes up for her scolding by giving me a extra sweet or cooking some thing nice. She scolds me a lot. She sometimes acknowledges it. It’s not her fault. More of that later..

Some experiences from my past

– When was young in early twenties. My dear friend would scold me. I would not react because really liked my friend. Sometimes would not understand ” Why am being solded”. I would concur ” there must be a reason.” I was both innocuous and naive. Next time my friend would make up for scolding by taking me out for a movie or a ice cream.

– My freinds who studied with me would also scold me and knew that was in good intention. I would never feel bad and go back to studying.

– My first Job was a unnecessary adventure. I had written about it earlier. I was nineteen and my boss a childless old man, whose only interest was cricket ( I remember him talking of Neil fairbrother, Mike Gatting)  and work, shouted at me in front of everyone. I broke down and cried. I found it humiliating.

– In my second job, one of my senior colleagues had thrown my files in anger. I was stunned. I was in my late twenties and had tears in eyes. My experienced lady colleague had kindly guided me ” It will be same everywhere. You have a good mind. You should study. I will help you study and get you references.” I was so grateful and had profusely thanked her and told her do not have means to study. I have a family to support.  My father had passed away. I always remembered  those  words and how prophetic they were for ” signs” to come in future.

– In my most recent work experience had the same experience of being shouted in front of colleagues. I really found it humiliating. I really dislike stupid authority at work. I am very much ” Main aaj bhi pheke hue paise nahin uthata ( Even today do not pick up money thrown at me.) “Deewar” ( 1975) : please see

– One of my bosses, a scottish entrepnuer had  rightly made a  observation noticing me eating  little food in a hotel where we were staying ( Meridian Chennai) ” What will you eat, If you go abroad ” He was right, my knowledge of food is really mediocre. I was smarter and realised ” He is just selling me a carrot, he has no intention of taking me  anywhere. So my Indian food is okay ” 🙂

Let’s analyse this honestly.

In my adoloscence and early youth my biggest problem was ” restlessness” and ” shyness”. I  conquered my early restlessness thanks to my first job and it has never been a issue since. I also had responsibilities of being a bread winner. My concentration and discipline has never been a issue. I have always been very sincere and  hard working.

I realised quickly most people who work in Indian industry are management graduates and they think companies are started for them. Their attitude is no different from landed gentry who had superior ideas of entitlement. I cared a damn. I found most mediocre. The idea was not to be antagonistic. They just did not interest me. Neither the people or their work.  While was true to work, worked in a detached way to support my family.

I later met even heightened expressions of megalomania. The same management graduates .My subconscious disdain continued.

I realised  later my subsconscious attitude is a mistake. People are what they are. Not all are similar.

Why is this so ?

I remember reading in Pico Iyer artice on Leonard Cohen, A friend describing him ” part wolf, part angel”.  May be am that. I think am ” part naive, part angel”  🙂

Iam naive in many aspects. I have no problems in saying ” I don’t know”. I do not have much exposure. My only exposure is my father, my friends, my ability to learn and a curious mind. My work experiences has taken me to all over India. But then  only original thing that have seen or experienced in my life in India is ” Idols drinking milk “. I was damn excited at this new phenomenon 🙂

So am limited by experiences and exposure.  My focus has always been on content and not so much presentation.  I have never been out of India. My sister has, my friends have. Iam Goodwill Hunting. I sincerely believe my country does not appreciate ” talent” as much as it appreciates “metrics. ” So there will be no Google or Amazon from India. Only flip kart and snap deal. There will be no new drug discoverey only generic drugs, so on and so forth….

So am naive. I also cannot be treated badly. No body likes being treated badly. I do not like being shouted at publically. It’s big ” No” for me. I think am idealistic that way and have pride. I just do not like being shouted at or being treated in a demeaning way. No body does.

I have learnt scolding is fine. People who scold  ” like my earlier friends or my mother ” is because of they  care and is out of love.  I think am a sincere person , If you tell me my mistakes , would readily agree and try to work on them. If you tell me lovingly ” I will take a broom and wipe the floor clean”. But tell me lovingly. If you shout, suddenly feel like ” Sugar Ray Leonard” 🙂

As for food, my only hope was to learn cooking from my sister, but then my sister was so busy in her work and life before marriage that she was Sania Mirza of her life 🙂 after marriage, no chance, she just has been so busy ever since she started working and she had no time to fulfill desires of her brother.

Now will have to learn cooking from a beloved, who ever is  God’s chosen person for me. But I will learn cooking. Now do dishes.

As for my mother. I just want to make her proud . She scolds me. It’s been toough journey for her. I have developed maturity now and do not react. I have learnt the concept of ” having good vibrations and to choose love ” in hard situations.

Thus my greatest weakness is do not suffer fools gladly nor do take authority very well. Iam work in progress. I have also managed teams and know authority is sometimes needed but there is no reason to shout or humiliate. That is just disregard.  I believe the best way to work and live is with Love and discipline.

My other weakness is ” need to network again.” I had lost faith in networking ” because people did not mean what they say”. I must renetwork again.

I just hope to find better work situations and the great Amitabh Bachan writes in his blog yesterday ” be in good cheer always my dear ones .. troubles will come only if they are troubled ..Keep away from it as much as possible..” ( Please see :

I have always  tried to ” be in good cheer ” and that’s what intend to do always and then trouble will be away…:)

I have had a very hard journey, time had  good love..:)

Have a lovely day my friends ! If you have any suggestions or advise. please do not hesitate.

Thank you!














Jared Leto

27 Oct

” I’m a multi-hyphenate whatever. I’m a creative and an artist. I make and share things with the world that hopefully add to the quality of people’s lives. Whatever you do, you have to have deep interest and desire and passion, or you shouldn’t be doing it. My work is never a job. My work is my life. If you work your fucking ass off, you can get a lot done.”

―  Jared Leto

I shared Oscar 2014 speeches. ( Please refer an earlier post)  The Academy award winner is a tour de force: Actor. Musician. Documentary film director. Entreprenuer. Investor in tech start- ups.

I read a ” Fast company ” article and it blew my mind. I always liked great work. I was just stumped at the work rate and spectrum of work. I was deeply embarrased at myself and told my friend so yesterday, he dismissively said ” Oh don’t think that way, we all have different lives, challenges…” Perhaps rightly so.

More from the fast company article :

” Backstage in Romania,  Jared Leto  has a few spare minutes–not to talk about acting, which earned him an Oscar for his role in  Dallas Buyers Club,  or singing, which has brought him an international fan base as lead singer of his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, despite the early bashings of critics. Leto wants to talk about Leto Inc. The enterprise starts with the band, a demanding venture: It performed in Hungary two days earlier, with several other European countries ahead, then on to the U.S., Canada, most of South America, and South Africa before the tour ends. “It could last a year,” Leto says, and that wouldn’t be its longest road trip ever. The group is recognized in the Guinness World Records for a marathon 309-show tour that started in 2009 and ended in 2011.

This isn’t enough to satiate Leto. What he really wants to do is reengineer the business of being a performer. He uses  social media to connect with some 2 million Twitter followers who buy Thirty Seconds to Mars products and attend special-access events. He has directed an award-winning documentary about his battles with a former music label. More impressively, he’s got a team of coders working for him in Silicon Valley on Vyrt, a real-time streaming video platform that combines merchandise sales, fan management and social engagement, and he’s an active investor in startups including  Nest, Blue Bottle Coffee, and mobile-payments platform Stripe.

So is he a musician, an actor, a director, or an entrepreneur? “I’m a multi-hyphenate whatever,” Leto says. “I’m a creative and an artist. I make and share things with the world that hopefully add to the quality of people’s lives.” His entrepreneurship “comes from the same place. I don’t compartmentalize,” he says. “My work is never a job. My work is my life. If you work your fucking ass off, you can get a lot done.”

Not many of us will ever find ourselves shirtless before thousands of Romanians screaming our name, as Leto does later that evening. But his attitude is one that we can embrace. Leto channels his creative passion into business, and more and more evidence suggests that this is the key to creating a meaningful career. ”

Source : Please see :

This is a great article for many reasons, please do read it for connecting to your mission.  I know my mission. They are ten possibilities. I am at three right now.  I will get there  soon. Jared Leto piece did leave me speech less.

jared leto

” In my youth, listening to music was the dominant activity, in terms of consuming content. It captured my attention. Sometimes there was the smoking of a joint, but it was about listening intently, active participation. Today music can be secondary, it’s background, a lubricant to other experiences. It’s all because our ability to access music is now mobile. Music can be more a part of our lives, but in a more transient way. The same is true for movies. People will watch TV or movies, and they’ve got their phones out, texting, not solely engaged.” ( Jared Leto)

” I never wanted to make the most movies, to make the most albums,” he explains. “So I like to employ the power of no. We all want to say yes, because with yes comes so much opportunity, but with the power of no comes focus and engagement. ” ( ( Jared Leto)

” His larger point is that valuable interactions require higher engagement. It’s what he strives for with his fans (and one reason he loves live performances); it’s what he strives for in his films and other artistic ventures. It’s also what he’s after with his business activities: real impact that matters. ”

Source: Please see :

jared leto 2

” It is curious, to some, that Hollywood’s man of the moment would disappear off in the vital afterglow of his Best Supporting Actor win to revel so intimately with the global masses. But then Leto doesn’t follow protocol. Six years before his return to film as Rayon, an HIV-positive, pre-operative transwoman in Dallas Buyers Club, he walked away from Hollywood to tour with his band despite consistent critical acclaim for his gritty, transformative roles. Leto has eschewed the blockbuster juggernaut to success in favour of the slow train, via occasional, challenging roles in the likes of Requiem for a Dream, Fight Club and Panic Room. Plus, he has other commitments. He is not only a method actor and singer-songwriter, but a video and documentary producer-director, photographer, painter, businessman and activist. ‘I just follow my gut — as Andy Warhol said, “Labels are for cans not people,” ’ he tells me after the gig. ”

” We start sensible: he doesn’t seem the type, I say, to care about Hollywood accolades. ‘I don’t.’ He slumps down on a black leather sofa. ‘But I would never say, “I don’t give a shit about the Oscars,” because it’s not the whole truth. It’s not about the shiny, naked golden man, or the pat on the back, it’s about being able to stand on a world stage for two minutes in front of a billion people and say something that is meaningful, important to you.”

“‘I thought about dragging up for the Oscars, going as Rayon, because I knew that she would have loved to be there,’ he says. ‘It’s so much work for girls to get ready. I was brought up by my mum, so I always had an appreciation of women. But now I have more respect for the process. It’s a lot, what women have to do to themselves. But in the end, when you put that final dash of lipstick on and your look all comes together, it really is a glorious reward.”

” I wonder if he is considering another career, in politics. ‘My mum was a teenager when she had us; she used food stamps to feed us, she got helped by social services to go back to school and train as a nurse to try to give her kids some stability. So if I can help or be of service in any way…’ he says. ‘But you know what? I’m too impatient. I’d probably swear in a speech. As George Clooney says, “I’ve f***ed too many chicks and done too many drugs to be in politics.”

” Now in his forties, Leto still looks and acts at least a decade younger. There are no plans to stop touring now that, after years of graft, the band has achieved global recognition: Love Lust Faith + Dreams has sold ten million copies and their shows are mainly sold out. ‘We don’t give a shit about our ages. We’re not worrying about that. There are no rules,’ he tells me. And what if he met some girl he wanted to settle down with? ‘Then she’d better have a passport… look at the Rolling Stones, they just keep on going. Maybe me and my brother will be shaking it up there in our sixties. Who knows? Or maybe I’ll just walk away.”

―” On cloud nine with man of the moment and Oscar winner Jared Leto”  by Stephanie Rafanelli ( March 21, 2014)

Source: Please see :

Iam still embarrassed at myself after reading these pieces on Jared Leto. I want to do one great work in life. I started at 21. My friends now have second careers. Iam 43. It’s been twenty two years journey. Its been halted many times. I always used pain and experiences as an incentive. Iam clear about possibilities  now. I share the same age as the actor. May be like Jared leto says in shared interview ” We don’t give a shit about our ages. We’re not worrying about that. There are no rules.”

Yes, give a damn about ages. There are no rules. Leonard Cohen has released an album at 80 and doing live gigs. The master is having a great third act. The great Amitabh  Bachchan is sexy and brillantly prolific at seventy two. There is no one in the great artiste’s league here..

I want to be with my friend. I am still embarrased. May be together we give a damn…

I will write about my weakness tomorrow.  I have always posted here transparently and sincerely about challenges and failures. My friends know me well, they will be okay, my enemies can have a field day tomorrow 🙂

Have a lovely day my friends! Hope the brilliant Jared Leto inspires you as he inspires me.

Thank you!







My freind and me..

26 Oct

I had a good morning today. I went for a run. It is one of the possibilities that want to create everday. Iam happy and improving everyday. I came back and wanted to do a post on Jared Leto. I had read a business article and was impressed. Then the phone rang ” Bhaiya ( Brother), how are you and where are you”. It was a familiar voice and I asked him ” Are you in town?” . It was my friend Bhaskar. He lives in other town. We decided to meet for a coffee and possibly lunch. We share a good connection.  I hope to do a Jared leto post tomorrow. To go with flow of day, my friend and me today, some pictures..


My friend Bhaskar. We met first when he was a student.  I shared my bit. We realized there is a connection and became friends. He is a banker.


Me today. The weather is little cold but pleasant. Iam learning to smile, may be its because of my friend..


Iam from a different generation. He is extremely respectful and  a good thinker. I was happy when he made  the transition and is a banker  with a public sector bank. We last met when he had come visiting prior to his marriage, we went together and bought his wedding suit. We don’t get to meet as often as he lives and works in a different city.  He will be a dad soon. I like my friends journey. It’s been a determined journey. I wish him very well.


Slowly will learn to smile. Not quite yet, work in progress 🙂


It was a good and pleasant day. I had coffee with my friend. We could catch up on our lives. We get along well.  We had Rajasthani meal. I dropped him to Bus stand. Hopefully we will meet soon.

To be honest, do not have friends here, my close friends live in other cities, they are very kind to me.

I share a connection with them and my promise is to meet them atleast once in a year. Twice would be delightful.

It’s a  pretty solitary life here, not that don’t know people, may be its me, am shy …

Also honestly do not wish to meet people who talk ” loosely or gossip “..

I have nothing against anyone, stay away from toxic,  may be its pride, may be its dignity..

I just want to do good work. Iam aching to do good work. I want a family of my own.

My dream is a loving family. Friends with whom share a connection.  I love school and teachers.

I realised create only three of ten possibilities which wish to create every day. I have a long way to go..

Have a lovely day my friends! May be we meet sometime too , for a coffee, for lunch.. 🙂

Thank you!


Just the motive itself is our success : Radhanath Swami

25 Oct

” So this is really a core theme of the Bhagavad-gita. That in our words, thoughts, and especially in our actions we should be content with our intent and doing the best we can. From a spiritual prospective that is the success. If we are really doing the right thing in the right way, that is going to nourish ourselves and help others with the right purpose. That within itself is our success. The results we have no control over, but we do have control over the choices we make and the intentions that we have.

So yoga really means to make choices and to cultivate intentions and purposes that are wholesome and healthy for our well being, for the well being of the environment and for the well being of other people. And we should be grateful just for that opportunity. Just the action itself, just the motive itself is our success whatever the results may be. In that way our joy and fulfillment is transcendental to the apparent actions and reactions of this world.

In the Bhagavad-gita Arjuna was taught whether you win or lose is not important. Honor – dishonor, happiness – distress, success – failure, health – disease, life – death, all of these dualities are always playing with each other in this world, and we have some degree of control over the situation but not much. Yoga is not what the result is but your motivation in doing it and how you do it. If we are happy with that then our happiness is something very deep and circumstances and people in this world cannot meddle with it. ”

– Radhanath Swami

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This is the best working definition of a spiritual success. If our good intentions translate into thoughts and deeds more often than not results will take care of itself. I think we must always have good intentions for ourselves and others. We must always think about well being of others.  Honest to god have always had good intentions. I learnt we must always think pure loveful thoughts. We must also have faith.

My dear friend told me ” Universe is a place for random good events and random bad events.” Both good and bad can happen to anyone. It is true. If we think, feel and act good. We feel nice. If we think, feel and act bad. We feel horrible. Thus goodness is its own reward.  Badness also perpetuates itself.  I  think we must be good.

Sometimes get depressed and sad. I then try to create a good intention. I try to focus on good. I feel better in sometime. The great Dalai lama says “Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.”

I think this  is a most wonderful message by Radhanath Swami : ” That in our words, thoughts, and especially in our actions we should be content with our intent and doing the best we can. From a spiritual prospective that is the success.” Have good intentions and do the best you can.

I understand in material world success has many meanings. I feel we must always have good intentions and always think good about ourselves and others.

Have a lovely day my friends! ” May you always have happiness, peace and joy. I think it starts with good intentions. ”

Thank you!