Temple visit ( Pictures)

26 Sep

My mother told me would be good if you visit the temple in these ten days. The next nine nights and ten days is the auspicious “Navratri” festival culminating in festival of “Dusshera”. I remember in school we would have ten days holidays on the festival of Dusshera. I decided to visit this temple today itself.  I took some pictures..


The temple is atop a mountain hill. One has to climb steps to reach the top. Once inside, one gets only a minute or two in front of the deity. I take a picture while descending steps.


I had given moblie phone to a couple to click a picture and they take more, that’s always a sign of interested photographer’s, they want to do better, for you..


They take one more. I wave them good bye, the lady smiles and the man nods..


I keep taking pictures as descend steps, many indian temples do not allow to take pictures, once make sure its okay, take pictures safely..


This is a base temple, part of premises, one has to climb more steps to reach the main temple..


I take one more picture of temple while descending steps..


This is the traffic constable who was deputed at  parking lot. I feel sorry for Indian policeman because there is hardly any facility provided to them and its a thankless job, so sometimes talk to them, they are also kind in acknowledgement, he wants to wear his cap before take his picture, don’t know if its part of service rules or just pride, he steps out and stands in a bylane, he is happy and waves at me..


The police man takes my picture in front of make shift parking lot, look fat here, horrible..

I like going to temples. I pray for friends. I pray for family. I pray for loved ones. Every one whom love or like. This is the way can stay in touch with them at soul  and also least can do for them. I feel happy and peaceful. I want everyone to have a good life, happy and unencumbered life, we need grace for that. As for me ” How many nights I prayed for this, to let my work begin,  First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin…” (First we take Manhattan/ Leonard Cohen)

This hindu festival of Navratri and Dusshera is triumph of good over evil. The deity ” Durga” is goddess of ” shakti” ( Strength/Power) , so wish you blessings of power and grace..

Hope you have a lovely day my friends! Thank you!



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