Li Na

22 Sep

I read a Sports illustrated news report  ” Li Na hungry for more after finally winning Australian Open” by Courtney Nguyen. She writes ” Of all the things Li had stuffed into her trusty Babolat bag, including eight rackets she calls “Li Na 1, Li Na 2, Li Na 3”. This is my Li Na post no.3. I will be happy to do post 4,5,6… infinity 🙂

This WTA tribute video captures seminal moments of Li Na’s career : First Chinese player to win WTA title (Guangzhou,2004 ), First Chinese Top 10 player ( February 1, 2010), First Asian Grand slam champion ( 2011 Roland Garros), Twice featured on TIME magazine’s cover, Second Grand slam title ( 2014 Australian Open), Highest Asian ranked ever ( Male or Female) : World no.2.  The latest WTA rankings states Li Na as world No.7 as of today, 22 September 2014. Phenomenal right..

lina 4

Source ( Image) :

Li Na :

” I’m a product of the Chinese style of education, which has led me to hesitate before making any decisions, to lack confidence, to not dare to speak up and to constantly calculate what the result of my action will be. What I hate most is my lack of self-confidence when I’m playing tennis.” ( On self doubt)

” Every person has a caged beast in their heart. It’s aggressive, irritable, violent, scarred and brutal beyond comparison. It was my habit to open the cage during a match and let the beast out to work for me. When I was mentally vulnerable, the beast would turn on me instead. It ridiculed me and humiliated me, making me constantly weep and blame others for my own mistakes.” ( Complex paradoxical emotions )

” I was obsessed with the notion that she’d betrayed my father and me, and that she was responsible for making a virtual orphan of me. Anger is stronger than sorrow, and anger can keep you from collapsing.” ( On relationship with mother, after she remarried after her father’s demise)

” A reporter once flatteringly said, ‘Fortunately, Chinese tennis has Li Na. “I thought, That’s not the whole picture. Fortunately, Li Na has Jiang Shan. He’s smarter than me, more savvy, and when I need a shoulder to cry on, he’s the only person to whom I can unload all my cares without reservation.He’s the one person in my life that I cannot do without.” ( On husband Jiang Shan)

” I’ve always had a temper like a firecracker. If someone sets it off it explodes, and as soon as it does, I’m filled with remorse. With outsiders, I can usually endure all sorts of unpleasant behavior. It’s only with Jiang Shan that I pull this sort of ill-behaved nonsense. From what psychologists say, most people are only bad-tempered with those who make them feel secure, because you know that the person won’t leave you. So losing your temper is in fact a form of dependency.” ( On short temper)

” I knew I would no longer see articles in print that referred to me merely as a bad-tempered, stubborn girl from Wuhan. Now I would at least be called a bad-tempered, stubborn girl from Wuhan who was a damn good tennis player.” ( On relationship with Chinese media)

” As things are now, I can’t use simple terms such as ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ to summarize how I feel about tennis. I don’t want to openly admit that I need tennis. I hated it for many years. But I can’t leave it, and this puts me in a paradoxical situation.” (  Love – hate relationship with “Tennis” )

These are quotes from Li Na’s autobiography ” Li Na: My Life”.

Source : Sport illustrated article “Li Na offers candid, revealing look at historic career in autobiography ” by Courtney Nguyen. Please see :

From the same SI article Courtney Nguyen writes :

” She loves Bavarian beer and her house is fully stocked with wine. She’s sorry she yelled at Chinese fans to “shut up” at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She wants a Siberian Husky, but her husband thinks they’re dirty. She enjoys karaoke, Korean soap operas and CSI. She describes herself as “a sad, stupid hedgehog.” She hopes Carlos Rodriguez coaches her until the end of her career. ”

” Li also analyzes her most significant matches and walks through her career seasons by season. While she started with modest aspirations, she points to her 6-3, 6-7 (6), 7-6 (3) loss to newly minted U.S. Open champion and fifth-ranked Svetlana Kuznetsova in the second round of the 2004 China Open as the match that made her believe that she might actually have what it takes to win a Grand Slam title (Li was a qualifier ranked No. 193). Beating No. 9 Patty Schnyder at the 2006 German Open for her first victory over a top-10 player finally quieted her doubts — “Dog meat can never make it to the banquet table,” as she puts it — that she was a second-tier player. ”

” She recounts her pressure-packed run to the semifinals of the Beijing Olympics, her 2011 French Open title and her memorable loss to Victoria Azarenka in the 2013 Australian Open final in which she fell twice and banged her head on the court.”

Please do read SI article “Li Na offers candid, revealing look at historic career in autobiography ” by Courtney Nguyen.

Iam fascinated by breakthrough. Iam fascinated by perseverance. Iam fascinated by journey. This is a  champion’s tremendous pursuit of excellence . Li Na has won against many odds and has warmed  hearts with her guts, honesty and happy personality. I will always remain a fan!

Hope inspirational champion Li Na inspires you to tremendous feats dear friends. For me she ia a beacon of hope and perseverance. I will always remember that..

I repeat the brilliant athlete’s farewell message ” Be the bird that sticks out. With hard work, your dreams will come true.

Have a lovely day my friends!

Thank you!


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