Li Na

21 Sep

I want to share a little tribute video to Li Na. In this little clip from Australian Open TV, she talks about happiness ” When i was reading a book, they say “If you are happy one day pass, if you are sad  also one day pass, its nothing different, so i was thinking about ” Why should I choose the worst thing, i should change myself to be positive way.” Its so very true. She also speaks  about celebrating chinese  new year as a child, when the family gets together and every one gives gifts to children and wish happy new year.

I was contemplating today ” we should try to make best of every living moment”.  I like Li Na, tour de force on court and happy outside.  Ideal guess.

I want to share a  Li Na Nike training video ( Make yourself 2011)

In this training clip she says ” You have to have a clear goal. No matter how much you have to pay for it.You have to fight for this goal. After so many years of hard work, the moment I achieved my goal,  I felt really lucky. When you get there, you feel all the sacrifice is worth it.”

Li Na is very special and she makes perseverance looks happy and beautiful.

May be as from interviews posted of great Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah wherein he says ” Act only if you need to do it.” I think this is true of all things. You must have a “need” to do it. Something you “cannot do without.” Then hardwork becomes fun and sexy. Rewards must follow!

Here is a message from one hero to another, Rafael Nadal wishing Li Na…

rafael nadal

Congratulations for your career and I wish you all the best in your new life. #LoveLi


Rafael Nadal is my sporting hero and hope he comes back soon. Hope you like little videos and remember the message from Inspirational and brilliant Li Na : ” Be the bird that sticks out! ”

Hope you have a lovely sunday!

Thank you!



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