True Love

17 Sep

” Understanding is the foundation of true love. It also contains loving kindness, joy, and nondiscrimination. Please cultivate these four immeasurable minds.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh


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“True love brings only happiness. It never makes you suffer.” says Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh . I think true love is a quality of heart. Perhaps its a quality of soul. The great teacher says ” Understanding, loving kindness, joy and non discrimination are attributes of true love.”

It takes understanding to ” not suffer.” I think we all suffer in true love. Till we find understanding. In my humble opinion ” understanding” is a great virtue. I think you should be given a Ph.d for understanding.

Most of our experience of love is ” conditional”. We all seek ” unconditional love.” My friend once told me  ” the love he feels for his children is the most unconditional feeling he has experienced.” Same is true for the  love a mother has for her children. I have a feeling the most important attribute in the development of child is the secure love of the mother. It is magic.

Many people feel unconditional love with their pets. I understand that totally. The dog or cat is same as child for them. It is true love.  I hope television is not the same 🙂

Have i suffered in love ? Have i been devastated? The answer is Yes!! I have been ship wrecked!!

” I  think everybody has that experience, both young and old, of an uncomfortable quality to one’s life, a sense of defeat, and that can either embitter you, as it does to some, or it can open your heart as it does to other more fortunate people. I’m lucky to be one of those people.”  ( Leonard Cohen in a interview with Stina Dabrowski, 2001)

Like my  master Cohen, Iam also one of the fortunate people whose heart opened ..:) As a result…


I feel true love for my departed father.

I feel true love for my sister.

I feel true love for my brother.

I feel true love for my mother.

I feel true love for young cousins, brothers and sisters in extended family.

I feel true love for my friends.

I feel true love for my school.

I feel true love for my school friends.

I feel true love for colleagues.

I feel true love for everyone.

Although i don’t know mechanisms of true love.  But it is true feel that true love for every one. I just dislike people who ” gossip and spread negativity”. My little experience working with companies is ” men gossip more than women.” I stay away from them. I think men who gossip are ” Dragqueens” 🙂

Else i feel true love ! But this true love is not perfect. Iam still learning. Iam still work in progress. Iam still learning “understanding”. But heart feels only love, nothing but love….

As for romantic love or true union: My master has this to say..

” The Japanese – Roshi ( Zen master) told me, I don’t know if it’s a Japanese thing, but he has a saying: “Husband and wife drinking tea. Your smile, my smile. Your tears, my tears.” I guess it’s the description of a real union. ” ( Leonard Cohen in a interview with Stina Dabrowski , 2001)

Isn’t it beautiful . Isn’t it true union 🙂

I believe in true love!  I also feel have no control on whom we love. I mean we just love. I mean there is no reason why we love. I guess we have a reason if we dislike 🙂 Am i making sense..

It’s ironical, today tried to post on true love, my heart has been in tatters today, am little better as share this thoughts here, as you know, am work in progress my friends, need daily courage in my struggle, some times sink minus twenty five degrees below the earth, but believe in true love 🙂

I think need to post Leonard Cohens interviews with Stina Dabrowski soon. They are as sexy as profound. Guess will post it soon.

So have a lovely day my friends, may you always feel ” true love” and may you always be ” courageous”!

Thank you!

Love, Suresh!









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