You Can Become A Super Achiever: Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

16 Sep

” You Can Become A Super Achiever “

“Not facility, not ease, but difficulty and effort make a man, wrote Scottish author and reformer Samuel Smiles. This statement is based on a natural fact and examples in history have proved its veracity. All those individuals who attained greatness, regardless of which walk of life they came from, were the products of difficulty and not of facility. They faced challenges and emerged as superachievers.

But the question is: why does difficulty have a greater role to play in the building of a personality than facility? The reason is traceable to one of the laws of nature. The fact is that all of our actions, big or small, are directly related to our minds. It is the mind  that directs all activities of our personality. The human  mind is greater than all great things of the universe: It is the mind that is master of your personality, as it controls all of your activities. Studies show that all our performances depend totally on our minds. The mind has unlimited reserves of energy. When we decide to do anything, the mind at once releases energy and we perform with the aid of this energy.

The mind is the prime source of energy and whatever we do can only be done with the help of this energy. If we choose to do an easy task, then the mind will release a lesser amount of energy. And, if we decide to do some difficult or great task, then the mind will release a greater amount of energy.

The building of a personality depends on your own efforts. If you are an easygoing person then you are bound to receive less energy from your mind and the result will be that your personality will become weak. If you are ambitious and choose to embark on a great task, then certainly your mind will release a greater amount of energy, the result of which will be that you will develop a strong personality.

Everyone is born with the same mind that is full of energy. But some people fail to utilise this energy and die without developing their personalities fully. The other kind of people are those who set a great task as their goal. Thus, their minds release a greater amount of energy for the performance of this task, and so they become super achievers.

Man himself is the master of his destiny. This saying is true, but not in a mysterious sense. It all depends on how much a person has unfolded his mind and how much energy the mind has released. One achieves greater or smaller successes in life depending on how much energy one’s mind releases. Every individual is self-made. But the quantum of success  depends on one’s own planning. Wise planning makes one a superman or superwoman, while unwise planning makes one lag behind in life.

The mind of an individual is like a great water reservoir. Opening the gate of this reservoir depends on one’s target. If one’s target is an ordinary target then the mind will open the door of energy on a smaller scale. But, if the target is a big one, the mind will open the gate of energy on a larger scale. It is this difference that decides the level of one’s achievement.

Never complain to others. Try to utilise your own mind, and you will certainly achieve anything you want to in life.  ”

― Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

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The erudite Islamic scholar and peace activist Maulana Wahiduddin Khan is so very right. Mind is the key of all achievements.  It is the mind which  made Gandhi coceive freedom from the British Empire, Mandela to fight Apartheid and Lincoln to end slavery. Mind is also behind the sinister activities of warfare and terrorism we see in the world.  Mind is then benediction and also lethal.  If we channelise our mind to a good purpose. If we live with love in our heart and with discipline, we all should end up in a good place.

I believe so. I have always liked to read the moderate and sane  voice of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. I wonder why mainstream media dosen’t give him the coverage that he deserves. His good message needs to be empowered. Bio of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan:

Sometimes am stunned at experiences of life. I forgave myself. I forgave others. I also spent  many moments in hospitals catering to loved ones. It gave me a perspective on life and space to reflect. It’s all well now. I believe if we are healthy and can find a purpose in life. If we have love in our heart and are disciplined. Life is still magical. Actually my greatest ambition is a loving healthy family. Then to do some cool work. Good work!

Hope you like this piece by the good scholar about the powers of mind. May you always be healthy,  purposeful and loveful dear friends!  Have a lovely day my friends! Thank you!


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