Rahman : A memory and actor..

15 Sep


You go your way

I’ll go your way too

( Leonard Cohen )

I read a sweetest interview. Before that was casually watching television with my mother. It was a southern film awards ceremony. The compere enthusiastically called a handsome actor. I remembered the actor Rahman. He was a popular teenage actor in malyalam cinema in the eighties. I had seen movies during my annual visit to my native place. I wondered where the good actor  is now?

Thanks to my comrade in love,” Google” stumbled on few articles. I read a news report of actor’s wife ” Mehrunnisa: Rahman is everything that i wanted in a man” . I thought it was the sweetest interview by a lady about her man.  It’s also a sweet love story. It’s a dated interview. I quote from the news report :

” One day, in 1992, the actor Rahman had gone with his friend Essa to have a bite at the New Woodlands hotel in Chennai. Soon, he noticed a family, which included three daughters, walking in. The moment Rahman set his eyes on Meher, he was smitten. He told Essa he wanted to marry the girl. By coincidence, Essa knew the family. A couple of months later, a formal proposal was given.

“There were two hindrances,” says Meher. “We are an upper middle-class family. My father was a pilot with Indian Airlines and, later, Saudi Airlines. We were apprehensive because Rahman was from the film industry. Secondly, my elder sister Saira was not married.”

Nevertheless, Rahman came to meet Meher on November 18, 1992. Meher felt an excitement at seeing the film star at close quarters. “He was everything that I wanted in a man,” she says. But Meher wondered whether her father would agree. But there were no fears on that account, because Rahman made a good impact on his future father-in-law, Abdul Sattar.

“My father was very impressed,” says Meher. “He told me Rahman is a simple and down-to-earth person.” The family accepted the proposal, and the marriage took place on April 2, 1993. [Incidentally, Saira got married to double Oscar Award winner, the music composer, A.R. Rahman, on March 12, 1995].”

Isn’t this is a sweet story , just like the movies the  sweet actor did as a teenager. I want to share little more of same news report:

” So what are actor Rahman’s plus points? “He is a loving person and gets attached to people very quickly,” says Meher. “He gets worried about whether I can manage to run the household in his absence. When he is at home, he tries to share the responsibilities. Rahman drops our children to school every morning.” The couple has two daughters, Rushda, 16, and Alisha, 9. ”

” One reason is that Meher is still smitten with him, even after 19 years of marriage. “Whenever I see him, I feel a strong sense of love,” she says. And in October, 2011, after many years, the couple went for a holiday to USA, without their daughters, and spent time at Disney World at Florida. “We were like kids, ” says Meher, with a smile. “He made me take part in all the rides.” ”

Isn’t it a wonderful story and  this then must be the sweetest love story..

Please see more of this two year old news story : http://ibnlive.in.com/news/mehrunnisa-rahman-is-everything-that-i-wanted-in-a-man/265798-71-209.html

actor rehman

The Actor Rahman with his lovely family. Source ( Image):https://www.facebook.com/rahmanthestar/photos/a.10150642215276250.413392.165094881249/10152464393036250/?type=1&theater

This was a nostalgia story for me as someone who grew up in the eighties. The actor is doing fine in southern Indian films and for more on updates, please see : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.c om/entertainment/malayalam/movies/news/I-do-Tamil-films-for-a-living-but-get-satisfaction-from-Malayalam-films-Rahman/articleshow/35341633.cms

We never forget good people. They are always there somewhere in subconscious. Good people and good memory sustains me. I remembered the sweet actor after three decades. Iam not much of a connoisseur of southern indian movies.  I like what i like! I like actress Shobana too.  I have no reason as to why, may be will do a blogpost on her too.

This for lovely actor Rahman and his beautiful family. Remember me after three decades too 🙂

Have a lovely day my friends! Thank you!


2 Responses to “Rahman : A memory and actor..”

  1. Sonya Kassam September 15, 2014 at 6:27 pm #

    That was a lovely story you shared, though I had not heard of Rahman. Thanks!

    • sureshvn September 16, 2014 at 9:21 am #

      Thank you my friend and am glad you like it. It’s a lovely story! Rahman is an actor who became famous in when he was a schoolboy, a teenager in the eighties in malyalam cinema. That’s my mother tongue sonya. He is a established actor in Tamil, telgu, malyalam cinema. The southern indian movies. I rediscovered him after three decades 🙂

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